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12 Types of Nose Rings That Look Chic and Stylish

Once your nose piercing is healed, you would like to adorn it with beautiful jewelry. It helps to know the types of nose piercing rings that you can choose from. Nose rings should typically be 20G and 18G having a wearable length of ¼”. Never wear your earrings as nose rings since they are mostly 22G and can cause your nose piercing to migrate. Being longer, they can also damage the nose cartilage and delicate tissue.

Types of Nose Rings

Different Types of Nose Rings

I. Stud Nose Rings

1. Corkscrew Nose Ring

It is a small stud with a twisted post that resembles a corkscrew. Also known by the names twist screw, nose screw and U-shape nose ring, this one sits flush against your nostril and stays secure. You can also buy one with a straight post that is bent by the piercer post insertion for a custom fit. This style is called a nose pin.

Best suited for: Nostril, high nostril, double nostril piercings

Corkscrew Nose Ring

2. Nose Bone

A bone nose ring has a small straight post with a decorative piece on one end that stays outside the nose and a bulb at the other end that stays inside and keeps the ring from slipping out. Boasting of a flush fit, this one is a favorite for its good looks and comfort. It is very easy to put it on and take it off but wear it only after your nose piercing has healed completely.

Best suited for: Double nostril, septril piercings

Bone Nose Ring

3. L-shaped Nose Ring

This nose ring has its post bent in the form of an L for ease of insertion and a fairly secure fit. There are both left and right versions of this ring to suit all wearers. The standard length of the nose ring is 6-7 mm from the top to the bend of the L, though it can be shorter in some designs.

Best suited for: Nostril, high nostril, double nostril piercings

L-shaped Nose Ring

4. Labret Nose Stud

It is a stud with a flat disk at one end and a decorative, removable gemstone or ball in the other. The latter part can be screwed to the post. They start at around 18G and need to be introduced from the back. They are popular due to their ease of use.

Best suited for: High nostril piercing

Labret Nose Stud

II. Nose Ring Hoops

5. Captive Bead Ring

It is a hoop nose ring with a bead that is held in place by the tensile strength of the metallic ring around it. You can wear or take it off by removing the ball and then securing it to its place. It is a good choice for your nose piercings that are still healing due to its closed shape with rounded edges.

Best suited for: Septum piercing

Captive Bead Ring

6. Half Hoop Nose Ring

As the name suggests, this is not a full circle but only a part of the ring. It has a metallic ball or a gemstone at one end and it is plain on the other end through which the jewelry is inserted. It has become very popular of late due to its ease of insertion and noticeable looks.

Best suited for: Nostril, double nostril piercings

Half Hoop Nose Ring

7. Seamless Nose Ring

It forms a full circle around the nostril. Its thickness depends on the gauge of your nose piercing. Larger gauges allow you to wear bolder hoops. The ends should be twisted in opposite directions (one up and the other down) to wear the ring. Never pull them apart sideways. After wearing, twist the ends back into place.

Best suited for: Nostril, double nostril piercings

Seamless Nose Ring

8. Segment Nose Ring

This one looks like a solid ring, but a small part of it pops out to allow you to insert the ring. Also known as a bar closure nose ring, it can be turned 360 degrees through your piercing, smoothly. It can be a bit tricky to put it on.

Best suited for: Nostril, double nostril, septum piercings

Segment Nose Ring

9. Fake Hoop Nose Ring

It is a hoop nose ring that doesn’t actually need a piercing. It can just be clipped on your nose to give the effect of a nostril or septum piercing. It is very easy to take on and off and can come with an L-shaped backing. Most of the faux nose rings fit really well and are indistinguishable from the real ones. There are others that are a bit flexible allowing you to tighten them as you please.

Fake Hoop Nose Ring

III. Fishtail Nose Ring

There are many who find it hard to get a nose ring that fits properly. They can try a fishtail nose ring. It is just a straight bar of 19 mm length that needs to be taken to a professional piercer for customization. They are mostly bent into L-shaped nose rings and nose screws but can be made into nose hoops as well. Since it doesn’t have any bulb or shape to hold it in place, it cannot be worn as is.

Best suited for: Any nose piercing

Fishtail Nose Ring

IV. Barbell Nose Rings

A barbell nose ring has a central post with beads at both ends. Both or only one of them can be removed to introduce the jewelry. The beads can have internal or external threading.

10. Straight Barbell

As the name suggests, this barbell style nose jewelry has a straight post with a bead at each end.

Best suited for: Austin bar, nasallang, bridge piercings

Straight Barbell

11. Curved Barbell

This has a curved central post with a bead at each end. It is also known as a navel curve or curve due to its bent shape.

Best suited for: Septril, rhino, bridge piercings

Curved Barbell

12. Circular Barbell

Also known as horseshoe barbell, this jewelry has a circular central post with beads at both ends.

Best suited for: Nostril, double nostril, septum, bridge piercings

Circular Barbell

There are a variety of materials that nose rings can be made of, including stainless steel, gold, silver, platinum, titanium, and so on. Choose a make that best suits your pocket. If you have sensitive skin, choose surgical stainless steel, gold or niobium nose rings. Studs can make round faces look slimmer while leaner faces would look fuller with the nose hoops.

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