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How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Bags

Distinguishing original MK bags from counterfeit ones is getting harder each day, as the latter ones are striving to be a mirror image of the former ones without improving their low quality. So, while buying an original bag, check out the official website of the brand beforehand to stay updated about the particular bag you are looking for and go to trusted dealers so that no one can swindle you with a fake bag.

Fake Michael Kors Bags

How to Tell if a Michael Kors Bag is Fake: 7 Things to Check

1. Logo

Real MK handbags sometimes have their trademark MK sign on a hanging metal ring. Sometimes the logo is written on the bag itself. The writing and engraving of both “Michael Kors” and “MK” are neat and clean with a fine finishing in original bags whereas the fake bags exhibit a poor quality logo.

Inside the original bag, there is also the logo on the lining, either in short or full form, with proper spacing and fonts.

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Bag

2. Hardware

Authentic bags feature solid and sturdy well-polished silver or gold colored metals, with an engraving of the brand name in full. Fake bags use low-quality hardware or even plastic with the short form of the brand name. These materials are prone to flake and come off in no time.

How to Tell if a Michael Kors Bag is Fake

3. Lining

  • Original MK bags have a soft satin blend material with leather trimming. When you touch it you will feel the smoothness along with a subtle rigidness. This particular feature is likely to be found on the bags available at Michael Kors outlets and not at Michael Kors boutique. But this is not a universal rule to follow, as some of the MK bags come up with no lining at all like the Greenwich Tote collection. Also, bags from the Vintage Michael Kors collection have only simple canvas material but never ever a real bag has been manufactured without the logo on the lining. If you see one, it is definitely a fake bag.
  • Until 2013, some real MK handbags were produced with the iconic circle logo on the lining, but not anymore. So, any bag claiming to be a new MK bag bearing such logo should be considered fake. Also, the unauthentic bags sometimes have slightly oval logos which apparently look like a circle.

Michael Kors Fake Bags

  • The logo of the lining is usually made of glossy threads which shine in dimmer lights. In fake bags the lining is glossier than the logo, making it hardly visible.
  • Some originals of 2015 collection have large lettering of MK throughout the lining while the late 2016 and 2017 collections exhibit the writing of Michael Kors. False MK bags are likely to come up with honeycomb lining and improper positioning of the letters of the logo.

Fake Michael Kors Bag

4. Stitching

Real bags showcase proper and even stitching which duplicate bags miss most of the time. But presently, this factor alone cannot determine if a bag is real or fake as many replicas are using better stitching that even outdo the real ones.

Michael Kors Fake Bag

5. Heat Stamps

Except for the reversible bags, original MK handbags display two tiered heat stamps of the writing “MICHAEL MICAHEL KORS”, well pressed and arranged properly with even spacing of the letters. Counterfeit bags have low quality heat stamps of unclear words, poorly aligned. They also use the logo of MK which is typically used in original MK purses and not in bags.

Since the bags available at Michael Kors retail outlets often showcase lightly pressed heat stamps, this is not the sole feature to detect a bag’s authenticity.

Presently, Greenwich bags and totes are featured with hardware instead of such heat stamps.

How to Tell if Michael Kors Bag is Fake
Michael Kors Bag Real or Fake

6. Zippers

Authentic MK bags have sturdy and well-built zippers along with its logo somewhere on them. False bags certainly don’t have them. For Hamilton collection, original bags use zippers of size 9 for the inner pockets which is not the case with false bags.

Michael Kors Bags Fake

7. Manufacturing Tags

  • Authentic MK bags use their colorful manufacturing tags to indicate where the particular bag will be available at. For example, if the tag is white or clear, then be sure that the bag is made for Michael Kors Boutique and if the tag is brown or black, then it is to be accessible from Michel Kors retail outlets.
  • Authentic tags are made of nylon, leather or gel, bearing the name of the country of manufacturing and the style number. If you find a tag mentioning any country other than Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, then it is definitely a fake bag.
  • The tags also bear an alphanumeric style where the alphabets stand for the manufacturing location and numbers denote the date of manufacturing.
  • Some high-quality false MK bags might be showcasing such tags but with uneven spacing and lettering of the code.
  • Since 2016, many MK handbag products have been featured with a new QR code denoting the color code, style number, manufacturing date, and season.

Buying Tip

If you are having difficulty in deciding who is offering a genuine MK bag, you may consider checking out the seller Flying Fashion on Amazon. Most of the certified buyers commented that they got the original bags, and the bags did look authentic once we ordered from here. Since these are fulfilled by Amazon, you can return the bag if you are not satisfied with the quality.

The safest way would be to directly order yours from the Michael Kors web store. If you are purchasing from other online stores, stay away from the bags that claim to be real MK products but are available at an unbelievably low price, as the original bags are a little pricey and for all the right reasons.

101 responses to “How to Spot Fake Michael Kors Bags”

  1. Jill DeHart says:

    I guess my bag is a fake everything looks authentic but inside Michael is spelled wrong spelled Micheal could it be a mistake or it probably is fake but for $15 who cares! Thanks

  2. Chloe says:

    If my bag is plain black inside then is it fake and doesn’t have the mk sighn on the zip.

  3. Ruth says:

    My new Michael Kors bag, has a missed spelled name on the side “Michall Kors” my husband bought it at Macy’s and everything else looks authentic. Suggestions?

  4. Anita says:

    Well I just got my purse for Christmas and the tag says….made in Cambodia..So it is FAKE??????????

    • staff says:

      Hi Anita, you must check all the features of the bag along with its country of manufacturing and the seller you got it from.

      • GirlMedic says:

        As stated above: . If you find a tag mentioning any country other than Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, Italy, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, then it is definitely a fake bag.

  5. Gittoo says:

    Hello, I think my MK bags is fake all the logo, linens and zipper are correct but there’s no trademark hanging headware and heat Stamps is just MICHAEL KORS not repeat in Michael Michael Kors and it doesn’t show up any manufacturing country and model tag on inside nor outside. Would it be 100% authentic or fake ?

    • staff says:

      Hi, if you can clearly understand that your bag lacks some genuine features then it has to be a fake one. Thanks.

  6. Rizalyn Damo says:

    I got a michael kors bag, i saw inside a little like nylon its like half inch big. Made in China and the other one is letters and nos? Do i got a authentic? All tje zippers and the logo is very neat.

    • staff says:

      Hi, research a bit about the dealer you get it from and check other features to be sure about the authenticity of the bag.

  7. Maria says:

    Hi I noticed that the trimming on my bag on the top your able to see where it ends and overlaps. Is that normal? Also my bag has a leather zipper instead of the Michael kors metal zipper. its a Michael Kors MK Signature Jacquard Small Crossbody Beige Ebony Vanilla

  8. maria says:

    I recently bought a Michael Kors bag and it looks authentic to me it does say it was made in Cambodia so that’s throwing me off so i don’t know if it’s real or not

    • staff says:

      Hi Maria,
      You have to be sure about the seller you have got your product from.

      • Tracy Truong says:

        So are you confirming that an authentic MK bag can be made in Cambodia if purchased from an actual MK outlet store?

        Previously you said any tag that had Made in Cambodia is fake. Please advise. Thank you!

        • staff says:

          Hi Tracy, original MK outlet will never sell counterfeits, but you have to be sure that the outlet is an original one.

  9. Christy says:

    My bag was purchased st a micheal Kors outlet store but says made in Cambodia does this mean it’s a fake ?

  10. May says:

    I have a Michale Michale Kors rose gold metallic bag ; everything looks genuine except the bodega of the bag should all Michale Kors nail feet have the name ?

  11. Betty says:

    Today I was so excited because I got a Michael Kors purse dark brown and off-white but inside the lining there’s like plastic and feels like plastic inside the lining that’s the only thing throwing me off, Plus doesn’t have a code

  12. Babygirl says:

    My MK bag came from a MK outlet and the price tag is 239.99 but receipt says 75.00 and made in Cambodia tag on inside is it fake?

  13. Anith Fatin says:

    Hi my bag made from China
    OD-1708 H17
    Everything looks ori but the zipper, handbag are not cover with white paper. I don’t know because it really smells leather and so soft..

  14. Judith says:

    I bought a Michel kors Jet Set Item…Ivory/Dnm/Nvy Grab Bag
    Everything looks great, top quality but there is no hanging MK LOGO and the zipper is nylon and zipper pull is leather. Do some bags not come with hanging logos and are some zippers nylon with leather pulls?

    • staff says:

      Hi Judith, not all original bags have hanging logos, some (purses)have it attached to themselves. Also, the brand uses the supreme quality nylon material, but to ensure if yours is authentic or not please research about your seller.

  15. Diana says:

    Hello, I recently purchased an MK bag online(overstock.com) from a third party merchant on the site. I also ordered a matching wallet. I checked the bag from head to toe and didn’t find a date tag sewed into the seam. It does have the MK gold hardware, Michael Kors imprinted(correctly spelled) on the interior fabric and heat stamp label of Michael Kors(correctly spelled). I bought the wallet from the same merchant and it checks out being authentic. My question is, if the bag doesn’t have a date tag, does that mean it’s not authentic? Thank you.

  16. Sara says:

    Hey I just got a large white Fulton Mk bag online, everything looks real but the outside has MICHAEL-KORS beside the MK one a few tho but it has the QR tag and alll

  17. kerri grant says:

    i had just bought a michael kors bag everything looks legit but the inside lining is a thick cream fabric no letter simbols or anything but is lined with brown leather and the outside of my bag is zebra print with brown leather but on outside the gold circles are scrapped and now look a little silver. and the code on the inside of my bag says made in china and the code is A-0910 on a clear silicone stamp. is my bag fake???

    • staff says:

      Hi Kerri, go through the article to check if your bag is genuine or not. Also, you have to be sure about the reputation of the seller, as trusted ones will never sell fake bags.

  18. Amy says:

    My Bag doesn’t have a heat stamp but everything else looks authentic. Would this prove its a fake? I got it as a present.

    • staff says:

      Hi Amy, some reversible MK bags don’t have heat stamps on them, but they have manufacturing details, so unless you share the detail of your bag, nothing can be said.

  19. Tabatha Lynn Sterling says:

    I have a toupe colored large MK Ciara. Everything looks authentic. I have checked all of the points that you high light in this article and am satisfied with the results, however, one point that you had not mentioned is leaving me confused. On the inside of the bag, everything looks legitimate, except there is no leather trim around any of the pockets or around the zipper of the inside zipper pocket. Also, all of the Ciaras I have looked at online have an outside zipper pockets, this one does not. This bag belongs to a friend of mine and we have traded bags for a short period just for variety and fun. The bag of mine that she is using is an authentic grey Hamilton. I felt safe allowing her to use it because I figured if she messed it up or damaged it in any way I would keep the Ciara as compensation but that would not work if her bag is a fake. I don’t know where she got it so I can’t research the seller. Do all MK bags, specifically the Ciaras, have leather trim around interior pockets? And do they all have outside zipper pockets

  20. shanna says:

    I bought the Michael Kors, medium studded rhea backpack, everything looks real except for the fact that the zipper.
    The two larger sections has the name Michael Kors stamped on the front and back (i don’t know if they have any of these bags where the zippers are stamped on both sides)
    but the zipper for the smaller pocket at the front, has the name Michael Kors stamped on one side only.

  21. shanna says:

    Does the Michael Kors (studded rhea backpack) ever have the name Michael Kors stamped on both side of the zip? i bought one second hand they said it was real and it looked real except for the fact that the ones i saw in the shops only said Michael Kors on one side of the zip, but the one i bought had the name stamped on both sides, i know MK sometime change designs wasn’t sure if this is the case with my bag, or if it just fake.

  22. rose abdul razak says:

    hi…i purchased my MK bag in Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) in Malaysia in 2013 for 1300 and hardly used after that. Wanted to sell today but after checking the bag…the tag showed “made in china”. How could it be? JPO is such a prestigious shopping place where all branded outlets are available there.

    • staff says:

      Hi, original MK bags are manufactured in China as well, so you don’t need to worry about it. Just check for other real features.

  23. Erin says:

    Hi, is it likely a fake if the metal hanging hardware only has an M instead of MK? I’ve never seen one just say an M

  24. Nana says:

    Staff, does it mean if I purchase a purse/anything from the MK website it should be authentic? Since its coming from the MK producers?

  25. cindy meal says:

    hello, i bought what appears to be a michael kors tilda clutch bag at a second hand store for $5. everything seems real and it is in beautiful shape. are we able to submit photos

    • staff says:

      Hi Cindy, sorry, you cant send photos of your bag, but from the pointers given in the article, you will be able to decide if yours is real or not. Thanks.

  26. GirlMedic says:

    My friend won an “authentic” MK purse in an online giveaway. I know the woman who said she bought them as prizes for purchasing on her site. Anyway, the Michael Kors is stamped or written on the outside of the bag, whereas I’ve only seen similar with Michael Kors written or made out of a metal or raised logo, not a stamp on the outside. I have other observations but wanted to check about this one.

  27. Anne says:

    IM A LONG TIME BUYER AND USER OF MK bags and wallets. i bought one purse which is the ” Mercer Large Bag Pale Blue color” the one with small padlock sling. I bought it online but seller and I meet personally to handover the payment and bag. When I saw it, im so sure its original coz of packaging and dustbag and all! Really no doubt, i really liked it. But one thing is I cant find, the code tag inside. Its like it really dont have, is it mean that my bag is fake? Im really bothered. But anyway, Im using it. Coz its really nice for me and for work. Thanks!

  28. Anne says:

    Just additional, I checked all zippers and linings of the bag. Texture, and all. Its really looks like Authentic. One thing really confused me. This small code tag inside. Hehe, i hope its original coz its little expensive though. Thanks!

  29. Shawn says:

    My husband went on a trip and came back with a MK purse. Really cute but do they ever stamp Michael Kors signature on the outside of the purse? Like the cursive writing of the name?

  30. Torri Slaughter says:

    Dear sir, I’m trying to distinguish the difference between the real and fake. Everything on mine looks real except the straps are raveling. I was informed that is how the repair person knew it was fake.

  31. Dallas Allen says:

    My bag seems to have all of the correct features from the picture but the zippers don’t say Michael Kors on them but the snap on the inside to close bag has Michael Kors on it

  32. Jacqueline Goring says:

    Hi I’ve just brought a vanilla jet set bag with the two side pockets it has four gold stud feet on the base but they are not ingraved with the name on them and the code is. Made in china j- 1409. And on the other tag under this rubber one says. 35T2gTTT8B. I need to no if it’s genuine as I can return it

    • staff says:

      Hi Jacqueline, you need to be certain about the authenticity of your seller first. If you have bought it from a reputed source, then you don’t have to worry.

  33. Please can you help me with this matter

  34. Jean says:

    Do some genuine bags have a leather zipper pull on the interior pocket?

  35. Teri Cedeno says:

    Is TJMAX a reputable seller of Michael Kors bags? And do all MK bags come with dust bags? Is Mk bag tag ” made in Cambodia ” fake? I bought the Mk bag #38h7xtvm3a jet set travel mid carryall tote in oyster. Thank you

    • staff says:

      Hi Teri, you need to research about your seller all by yourself. Once you are sure about that you will figure out if your bag is fake or authentic.

  36. Hny says:

    You better choose a credible store or online shop that will surely provide you an authentic items.

  37. Wondering says:

    My bag says “MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS” inside instead of “MICHAEL MICAHEL KORS”. Is it fake? Also, I think the seller used images from an article on ebay. Is that plagiarism and is it illegal?

    • staff says:

      Hi, your bag and the picture of an original MK bg should match, if not, then that is a clear indication that yours is a fake bag.

  38. I am trying to determine if my MK Hamilton messenger crossbody is authentic. Everything seems as it’s supposed to be however the sides on the leather strap seem like their coated with something and are on the thick side. It is pbc vanilla and the bag itself seems stiff as well. The lg “MK’s are also alighter than the sporatic “michael kors”written out. Should these match totally? I have searned and no articles address the pvc style to look for authenticity. Thank you for your help.

    • staff says:

      Hi Sussan, you should research a little about the seller as only reputed ones can be trusted blindly. If you are not sure about the reputation of your seller, it’s time you start researching.

  39. Moaz says:

    My husband bought mk sling bag from America from MK outlet , made in philipine , but i heard there is some plastic tag inside with number but my bag has black fabric tag with code and number is it ok ?

  40. Jeanette Wegman says:

    I bought a Michael Kor purse at TJMaxx and am concerned it isn’t real. The only things bothering me is no hanginging MR tag. It is a oyster color Jet Set Traveler.All purse I have see has that

  41. cairo caudill says:

    Hello, I bought a Micheal Kors ESSEX 30F7GXSS3L Black LG TH SATCHEL LEATHER.
    It has the black label inside, but heat stamp any where.The lining inside is all black with MICHEAL KORS, all the hardware is gold but not all if has MICHEAL KORS on it.
    The zipper tags are black and the D rings have imprint of MICHEAL KORS. The botton of the Satchel has 4 bottons on the bottom, but no inprint of Micheal Kors.
    Is my bag fake…Thanks

  42. Anna says:

    So I have a Michael kors purse and I checked it out and it seems like it’s athentic it has the right spacing and tages and zippers with the right logo and everything else but the zipper on the inside is a leather material and not the gold color with the engraving does that mean it’s a fake

  43. Brenda Hawk says:

    Trying to determine if my MK Whitney LG tote is authentic. It was purchased on-line (Army Air Force Exchange Service). On the inside pocket (with zipper) it has a Pink label in middle of pocket which has MICHAELS KORS in GOLD letters (not heat set). The zipper pull is pink and at the other end of the pocket there is a strap approx. six inches long (with hook) possibly to hook to cell phone. (It has 2 pockets inside (on the zipped section) and one padded pocket on other side (tablet sized). The lining is tanish colored with MICHAEL KORS (spelled out) repated horizontally throughout the lining. The hang tag (on the outside of the handbag) is pink six sided (oblong) with gold on bottom and MK spelled out in letters about one sixteenth inch for each letter. Tag inside has scan code on one side and other side 5 lines: AV-1801 S18, Made in Vietnam, 3058GN1T3B, 584, MICHAEL KORS. This tag is approx. 1 inch wide by three eights high. Is this handbag genuine?

    • staff says:

      Hi Brenda, please research about the reputation of the dealer to ensure if your bag is genuine or not.

  44. Michelle says:

    Hi i recently just bought a Michael Kors bag from TJ Maxx. Its beautiful it is Vanilla colored Raven Large Shoulder Tote. Ive been checking it and everything looks great. Im wondering if Michael Kors bags like mine have very tiny writing around the bag where the big MK’s are. The tiny writing is Micheal Kors im not sure if im describing this right at all its not all ovee the bag just in various spots do some bags have this?I’ve looked it up but am not quite sure.

    • staff says:

      Hi Michelle, it is time for you to check the authenticity of the seller you got the MK bag from.

  45. Kathy Whittington says:

    Does a Michael Kors purse come with an orange colored certificate of authenticity and the pamphlet describing Michael Kors purses is also in orange. The leather rag inside is stamped Michael Michael Kors the zipper pull is stamped Michael Kors on each side the snap is stamped ok.0974842a circle with a triangle in it followed by okpta1529842 the gold circle attached on a leather strap outside the purse has MK underneath that on the circle is stamped Michael Kors

    • staff says:

      Hi Kathy, it would be better if you do a little research on your seller, if that is an authentic one, you won’t have any confusions.

  46. Cha says:

    Hi I hust purchased a bag and it does not have a model number tag only ey1606 all other aspects looks alright

  47. donna says:

    I purchased my mk bag from tj max it seems to meet all the criteria for being real only problem I cant find the name or the style of the bag I realize it could be last season but would like to know how do I find this out

  48. Melissa J says:

    Everything looks perfect. It has an orange tag however and there is no country tag inside. Everything else checks out. It’s also a tote so could that be why?

  49. Jacob says:


    My girlfriend buy MK bag in Los Angeles in Citadelle outlets where is MK outlet. We try to scan qr code from bag but it cant read anythink. It can be a fake? Thank you

    With regards

    • staff says:

      Hi Jacob, if that is an original MK outlet then you have a real bag, the QR code might be having some issues to be scanned, in that case, you should talk to the people in charge of the outlet.

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