Meet the Team

Valeria Ruiz: The mastermind behind starting the, Valeria is an artist and has worked with reputed advertising agencies, and fashion houses in her career. Right from her school days, her true passion has been designing costumes, and by the time she was in high school, she was helping other kids with their prom look and Halloween costumes. She believes there is no rule to fashion, and whatever one wears is what defines them. With this belief, she first started, to reach out to all the women worldwide and encourage them to be who they are.

Harper Norrell (Graduate from Ohio State Beauty Academy): Harper is a professional makeup artist and beautician and has been contributing to this website for over a year now. Like Valeria, she is highly motivated to bring out the inner beauty in every woman and believes that feeling beautiful doesn’t involve using products with big price tags.

Anya Cole: The newest member in the close-knit StyleWile team, Anya has worked with various cosmetic and accessory magazines and has done hundreds of reviews and articles on fashion and lifestyle. In many ways, she has been the reason why could expand to dedicated sections for fashion accessories and reviews. According to Anya, every woman should understand the worth of herself, as well as of all her belongings.