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18 Types of Skirts for Every Occasion

A skirt is a wardrobe staple that can effortlessly style you up at casual and formal occasions. Depending on the type of skirt that you wear, you can sport a flirty, stylish, sophisticated or bold look. If you are looking to get a skirt for yourself or want a new design, then you might want to go through the various options that are available, something that is beautifully depicted in the article.

Types of Skirts

Different Types of Skirts

Based On Shape

1. A-Line Skirt

It is named so since this skirt has a slight flare making it resemble the letter A in its shape. This is one of the most popular and common silhouettes of skirts. This elegant garment is perfect for parties and looks great with a tight top. It flatters your waistline.

A-Line Skirt

2. Pencil Skirt

Also known as tube skirt, this one has a straight cut and is tight at the knees and the hips. It is perfect for formal and office wear. The figure flattering skirt can be paired with any kind of top and looks good on slim women.

3. Ball Gown Skirt

This one balloons out from the waist and gives the effect of a ball gown dress. It is an epitome of elegance and has a vintage vibe. It looks elegant at a formal do when paired with a crisp, white button-down shirt or an off-shoulder fitted top.

4. Asymmetrical Skirt

Also known as high-low skirts, this casual type has an asymmetric hemline. You can pair it with button-down shirts and crop tops.

5. Dirndl Skirt

It is a straight skirt that is gathered at the waist. The fullness of the gathers is accentuated by a waistband. The casual and semi-formal wear flares out from the hem. The added volume at the waist makes it the best fit for lace tops and blazers.

6. Circle Skirt

As the name suggests, this skirt makes a perfect circle at the hem. This is a very full skirt that is fitted at the waist. The fabric of the skirt resembles a circle with a hole. You can team it with tees, shirts, tank tops, halter tops and pullovers to rock formal and casual occasions with equal aplomb.

7. Tulip Skirt

This charming skirt is in the shape of an inverted tulip flower. The overlapping panels in the front contribute to the irregularity of the hem. It is wider in the middle than at the waist and the hem. Pair up the formal or semi-formal wear with lace tops and blazers.

8. Skater Skirt

Being a blend of the A-line and circle skirt, this short skirt that sits tight at your waist personifies cuteness. It boasts of an informal vibe due to the lightweight fabrics that go into its making. It is perfect for a date, party or a casual outing with friends. Dating back to the skating costumes worn by 90’s women, this sporty apparel can be worn for cheerleading and skating too. It pairs well with tank tops, crop tops, chambray shirts and any glam top.

9. Flared Skirt

Add an aura of height to your body by wearing a flared skirt that can effortlessly transform itself from formal wear to party or casual wear. Flaring out immensely from the hem, they are a classy and dressy accompaniment to shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, pullovers and cardigans.

Based On Length

10. Mini Skirt

The hemline of this type sits mid-thigh, well above the knee. Best for ladies with slim legs, it makes you look taller. However, you need to have oodles of confidence to pull it off or, simply pair it with tights or leggings if the short length makes you uncomfortable. It is casual and semi-dressy and inappropriate for dressy and formal occasions. You can wear it with anything from a t-shirt to an oversized sweater.

11. Midi Skirt

A midi skirt extends till the knee or below it, but not past your ankles. It makes your waist appear slimmer and accentuates the natural curves of your hips. It has the capacity to flatter almost any body type and can effortlessly take you from the office to the runway. Balance it out with a crop top, simple fitted top or a top that is tucked in at the waist. Layer it with a leather or denim jacket to complete the look.

12. Maxi Skirt

This is a long skirt that can extend till the ground level or stop at your ankles. Its length should not be such that it drags on the floor. If you are wearing flat shoes, it should stop at the ankle or slightly below it. However, if you are wearing heels, you can try out the longer maxi skirts. It is usually low-waisted and suits tall women. You would love to flaunt this kind of flowy and loose-fitting skirt during summers. It looks good with tight and tucked in tops.

Based On Skirt Styles

13. High Waisted Skirt

This skirt has a pronounced waist that sits high above the natural waist. It is often heavily embellished at the waistline. Being perfect for both casual and formal wear, it flatters your waistline in a way few other skirts can. Pair it with crop tops and blazers for an impeccable look.

14. Pleated Skirt

It gives a neat look to your appearance and you would commonly see it on schoolgirls. You can also use it for a casual or semi-dressy look. It looks good with shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, cardigans and pullovers. There can be different types of pleated skirts, as indicated below.

15. Sarong Skirt

A long scarf-like, rectangular material that is wrapped around the lower body and tied in a knot at one side of the waist, makes a sarong skirt. It is a popular beachwear that is used to cover up your swimsuit. You can also wear it to pool parties. Made of lightweight material, they come in a wide range of colors and designs.

16. Wrap Skirt

A wrap skirt, as the name suggests, needs to be wrapped once or twice around the body, with overlapping, for wearing it. It is secured to your body with a tie. It is cool and comfortable and suits casual occasions, parties and beaches, of course! Tees, off-shoulder tops, crop tops and high neck tops pair well.

17. Ruffled Skirt

Add a fun, voluptuous appeal to your attire by choosing a skirt with ruffles. They can be worn to parties, semi-formal and casual dos with panache. If you want to dance, then nothing can showcase your moves as elegantly as this one.

18. Broomstick Skirt

This skirt is usually long and has a wrinkled appearance. It has three or more horizontal seams encircling it in layers. It is casual or semi-casual but not dressy. Boasting of a hippie or boho look, the ’70s and ‘80s skirt has made a comeback in a big way. The crinkled beauty is easy to style and rocks casual settings. Choose this skirt if your day is full of activity and if you want to look slimmer. Team it with cardigans, denim jackets, t-shirts and pullovers for turning heads.

There is no one way that you can style a skirt. Just experiment with your looks after you choose a skirt that looks great on you. The images would help you in that front. Note that patterns and materials like cotton, silk, tulle, denim and others lend a distinctive look to a skirt.

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