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How to Take out Your Earrings Easily

Earrings backs are sometimes difficult to remove as some of them are stuck badly. Many face the problem of taking off stud or snap earrings after the first piercing because in the meantime the body releases some fluids and tightens the skin. At times the backs are placed wrongly, and difficulties arise depending on the types of earring back.

How to Take out Earrings

4 Kinds of Earring Back and How to Take them off

1. Flat Back, Starter or Safety Back Earrings

The simple way is to use your index and thumb for holding the earring back and pull back gradually. If that doesn’t work then take 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and sponge down your earlobe. Wait for a few seconds to let it dry. Gently coil the stud to remove any excess dead cells or dirt (that might be a reason to make the stud get stuck!) and grab the back. Now pull the stud while holding the earring back firmly.

How to Take out Starter Earring

2. Captive Bead Rings or Hoop Earrings with Balls

Take a pair of ring opening pliers and keep it at the center of the ring and try to open it. The bead is the first thing to come off. Now there will be a gap between the two ends of the ring. If the gap is little, then you have to use your pliers to widen the gap. Once you have the space, slowly turn the ring and once reaching the end, gently pull it from your skin.

Be it horseshoe or barbell earrings, it is best to seek professional help in this regard. But if you are doing this on your own, you may use needle-nose pliers instead of ring opening pliers, only after taping them. patience is required because you don’t want to hurt yourself, neither do you want to have any scratches left in the ring. If the ring is hampered, it will be difficult to pull it out from your skin, and the uneven surface may cause infections.

How to Remove Earrings with Ball

3. Butterfly Back or Friction Back Earrings

Hold the earrings from the front on one hand and grasp the butterfly back with the other (mostly using index and thumb). Twist the back slowly and loosen it before you pull it.

How to Remove Butterfly Back Earrings

4. Screw Back Earrings

Grab the earring on one hand and hold the screw from the back. Unscrew it by rotating it anticlockwise and then pull back at the end.

How to Take off Earrings that are Stuck

While taking out a pair of earrings remember sometimes it might take longer than it should be. Since earlobe is a sensitive part, don’t apply force or you may end up hurting yourself.

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