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9 Nose Piercing Types for a Stylish Looking You

Nose piercings accentuate the beauty of your nose and are believed to ease childbirth and menstrual pain according to some cultures. Having their origins in ancient times, they look hip and happening even to this day. It is worthwhile to note that these piercings are not limited to creating hippie and punk style statements alone. Even a girl next door can flaunt them with aplomb.

Nose Piercing Types

Basic Steps Involved In a Nose Piercing

Since nose piercings are made in sensitive areas of your face that are close to your eyes, it is advisable to get it done by an experienced and professional piercing artist. You are likely to go through the following steps at a piercing studio.

  • The piercing area on your nose is cleaned.
  • The spot is marked with a pen and a clamp is put on your nose.
  • A sterilized hollow needle is passed through the mark.
  • The jewelry is inserted.

Note that even if you feel pain, it is only going to last a few seconds.

List of Different Nose Piercings That Look Attractive On You

1. Nostril Piercing

Nostril Piercing

It is the most traditional and common piercing that is easy to get done. The location is directly above the crease of the natural curve of the nostril. You can pierce your nostril from either side.

Pain: Low

Healing time: 3-6 months

Jewelry: Nose rings, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, circular barbells

2. High Nostril Piercing

High Nostril Piercing

This kind of piercing is done near the nose bridge at a location that is higher than the nostril piercing. It gives a unique edge to your looks.

Pain: Low

Healing time: 2-6 months

Jewelry: Labret studs, L-shaped pins and screws

3. Double Nostril Piercing

Double Nostril Piercing

This kind of piercing has two holes for the piercing. It can be side by side or placed one above the other.

Pain: Low

Healing time: 2-3 months

Jewelry: Screws, studs, nose bones, l-shaped nose pins, circular barbells, hoops

4. Septril Piercing

Septril Piercing

Here, the septal cartilage is pierced in the front. It makes you stand out in the crowd.

Pain: High

Healing time: 2-4 months

Jewelry: Small studs, flat back studs, curved barbells, and nose bones

5. Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing

The septum or the partition between the two nostrils is pierced in this style. Though it is one of the oldest piercings known, it is quite in fashion even in modern times.

Pain: Medium

Healing time: 6-8 weeks

Jewelry: Simple nose ring, horseshoe barbell, captive bead rings

6. Rhino or Vertical Tip Piercing

Rhino or Vertical Tip Piercing

This piercing vertically passes through from behind the tip of the nose. It will be a welcome change if you are bored with horizontal nose piercings.

Pain: Medium

Healing time: 6-9 months

Jewelry: Curved barbell, flexible straight bars.

7. Austin Bar Piercing

Austin Bar Piercing

This passes horizontally through the flesh at the tip of the nose, without piercing the septum.

Pain: Medium

Healing time: 2-3 months

Jewelry: Straight barbell

8. Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang Piercing

It passes through a nostril, the septum and the other nostril. Externally, it has the looks of two symmetrical nostril piercings. Though it is called a tri-nasal piercing, the nose piercing is done all at once with a single sterilized needle.

Pain: High

Healing time: 4-6 months

Jewelry: Straight barbell, industrial barbell

9. Bridge Piercing

Bridge Piercing

It is a horizontal surface piercing that is done on top of the bridge of the nose, without puncturing the cartilage beneath.

Pain: High

Healing time: 8-12 weeks

Jewelry: Straight, curved and circular barbells

Now that you are at home with the piercing procedures and the associated jewelry follow a good aftercare regimen to shorten your healing time. It includes washing the hole with an anti-bacterial soap. Follow it up by applying a moisturizer to reduce any drying effect. Alternatively, you can rinse the piercing with a saline solution several times a day. If any bumps or infection appear during the healing period, consult your piercing artist.

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