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20 Ways to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Watch

How would you feel if you unknowingly ended up splurging on a fake Michael Kors watch? Well, it is easy to prevent such a disaster, as by checking out certain features, you can easily avoid getting deceived in this manner.

How to Spot a Fake MK Watch

The Box

1. Edge – An original Michael Kors watch comes in a box where one edge is broader than the other, with a clear writing of ‘Michael Kors’ on it.

How to Spot a Fake Michael Kors Watch

2. Lid – In MK watches belonging to a pre-2012 collection, the lid should be wider and bigger than the box, covering a major portion of it.

Fake Michael Kors Watch Box

3. Logo – The logo on the top of a fake box is made of uneven and irregular letters, while they are fine and clear on an original box.

Fake Michael Kors Watch

4. Limited edition box – If you see a regular MK watch in a limited edition box, be sure it is the fake.

How to Know if Michael Kors Watch is Fake

5. Cushions – Do not have any pre-conceived notion about a definite shade of cushions for an original box, as the brand always improvises the design and styling. Still, the original pre-2012 watches have square-shaped cushions with sewn edges, whereas the fake ones have fabric cushion.

6. Batch stamp – A fake box does not have a batch stamp, which is always there in an original one.

Spot a Fake Michael Kors Watch

7. Shape – Sometimes MK watches are available in cylindrical cases and it is a clear indication that they are fake. The brand does not manufacture any cylindrical cases at all.

8. Warranty booklet – You will find a warranty booklet inside a genuine MK watch box, bearing the same model number (starts with MK) found in the back of the watch. These booklets are not always available with fake ones, and even if they are, there are discrepancies regarding the model number, spelling, dates, and spacing.

Michael Kors Fake Watches

9. Extra Link – An Original watch comes with an extra link in the packaging, which is not found with a fake one.

The Watch

1. Dial – Authentic ones always exhibit the original logo in the dial with a proper font and excellent finishing without having any signs of glue. So, if a watch displays ‘Michael Kors’ on the dial with uneven letters joined in the bottom and incorrect spacing, it is surely a fake one.

Michael Kors Fake Watch

2. Model number – Fake watches miss the engraved four digit alphanumeric model number consisting of “MK” present at the back of the original watch. You will also find the phrase “All Stainless Steel” at the top in a semicircular pattern along with the model number.

Michael Kors Watches Fake

3. Second hand – The second hand of the original watch has an intricate inverted “M” at the end. Although you cannot discard fake MK watches solely on the basis of this feature, still it’s better to take a look.

Michael Kors Watch Fake

4. Crown – Genuine watches have the original MK logo embossed on the crown, unlike the false ones.

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Fake

5. Sub-dials – A real MK watch with three sub-dials will have three different number values, but in the fake watches most of the time, two sub-dials showcase the same values.

Distinguishing Original MK Watches from Fake
Real Michael Kors Watch

6. Date display – An actual Michael Kors watch displays date with a proper alignment inside the window, whereas, in a fake watch, the display is disputable.

Fake MK Watch

7. Chronograph – Genuine watches actually have chronographs, while the fake ones have only the appearance of it.

Michael Kors Watches Fake and Real

8. Bracelet- Original watches exhibits stainless steel bracelets coated with PVD. A false one has poor thin tin alloy coated with latex for a rose gold, gold or silver shade.

Original vs Fake Michael Kors Watch

9. Embellishments – An authentic stone-studded Michael Kors watch has all the crystals perfectly placed, but a fake watch has patches of glue with an uneven finishing, giving it an unflattering look.

MK Watch Fake

10. Weight – The originals are more or less same in weight, with differences of maximum 4 grams due to the coating level or material changes, whereas a fake one differs up to 40 grams from an original one.

Difference Between Original and Fake MK Watches

11. Price – This is an absolute clincher; an original watch costs around $160-$425 whereas the fake ones are much cheaper, being available only for $10-$53.

Those are enough tips to recognize a fake MK watch, aren’t they? Now go on and get yourself one. Safe shopping!

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