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How to Wear Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is customarily worn in the ring finger of the left hand, but the confusion arises when a woman receives an engagement ring prior to the d-day. As individual rings, both are worn on the same finger while after the wedding, women change their placements.

Until your wedding day, you can wear your engagement ring on the ring finger. But during the ceremony and after that you have multiple styling options to choose from.

How to Wear Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Together

First of all, there is no “correct”or proper rule for wearing the ring. They can be worn either in the order they are received or it depends on the style of the rings.

How to Wear Wedding Rings

Two Rings on Two Fingers

While your partner proposed to you with a solitaire engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand there wasn’t any other ring. But, on your wedding day let the engagement ring adorn your left hand and make some space for the new ring. Later on, you may incorporate your anniversary ring with your engagement ring as well.

Advantage: Both the ring will be highlighted and won’t overpower each other. Even if your two rings are not made of same materials, (say one is made of platinum and one is gold) it won’t be a problem to showcase them together.

How to Wear Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Two Rings on the Same Finger

First the wedding band and then the engagement ring is a common way of sporting two rings at the same time. Most of the time the engagement ring is the more embellished and precious one, having a solitaire diamond. On the other hand, the wedding ring is just a band made of either gold or platinum.

Also, you may wear the engagement ring first and then the wedding ring to make the latter more visible as simpler rings hardly get noticed otherwise.

Advantage: The set of wedding and the engagement ring stacked together give an appearance of a chunky and voluminous ring. If they are made of similar materials then they complement each other.

How to Wear Wedding Ring Set

While Catholic belief prompts women to wear any ceremonial ring on their left hand and Protestants prefer right hand for wearing it. However, it is a personal choice and most women prefer to wear them on left hand because they don’t want to ruin their rings while doing daily chores. Obviously, things are just the opposite for lefties.

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