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How to Tell a Fake Hermès Bracelet from a Real One

The simple features of a genuine Hermès bracelet are extensively forged. The differences between authentic and fake ones are intricate, and only a clear conception of the both will help you wisely picking up the former one, discarding the latter.

Real Hermès Bracelet vs Fake: 7 Pointers to Check on

1. Packaging

  • Real bracelets come in a bright orange box and so is the fake one. But the fake box differs in the shade, as in the orange might be lighter or darker, but not as same as the real box.
  • The authentic bag has a soft grainy texture and a fake bag is smooth as paper.
  • The imprinted logo on an original bag is always chocolate brown which may be black in counterfeits.

Fake Hermès Bracelet

2. Weight

  • Authentic bracelets use proper and supreme quality materials, hence they are heavier. Forged ones are either made of resin or plastic, being lighter.

3. Manufacturing Country

  • Until 2010, old Hermès enamel bracelets have been made in Austria.  Presently, the products are manufactured in France. So, if you have a vintage bracelet with a stamping of “Made in France” it is a fake one. So, don’t forget to check the stamping based on the models.

4. Leather Stitch

  • Original bracelets exhibit hand sewn leather stitching which is evenly spaced and proper. Fake ones have a quality issue with their sloppy and slouchy stitch.

Real Hermès Bracelet vs Fake

5. Hardware

  • Hermès always uses a solid and single chunk of enamel for designing for their bracelets like clic clac. The process is a pricey and a time taking affair, which fake manufacturers will never opt for. As already mentioned, they use resin instead, for a quick manufacturing.
  • Originals have enamels with a rounded edge which is flat in false ones.
  • Real bracelets have an oval shape that sits nicely on your wrist, even if you wear it along with your watches. Counterfeits are rounder.
  • In original clic clacs, the logo should be printed on the hinge in capital letters. Also, it might be having a golden color, not blue, brown or orange.

6. Fastening Features

  • All original bracelets like clic clac models should have a secure closing that opens and closes smoothly. For example, in Hermès Collier de Chien, the “O” ring feature is easy to spin and does not have any gaps in between.

7. Date Coding

  • Products that are made from 1946 to 1970 have a letter corresponding to the production year.
  • Products that are made from 1971 to 1996 showcase the letter within a circle.
  • Products manufactured from 1997 onwards have the letter within a square.

Detecting a fake has become essential as the counterfeits are ruling the market without the slightest knowledge of yours. While you can willingly invest in buying replicas, spending money for fake bracelets is never okay.

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