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Shoes to Wear with Long Dresses

The importance of wearing suitable shoes with long outfits is often ignored mostly because women think the shoes won’t be visible. But only right shoes, with their heels, platforms and other detailing like straps could enhance the silhouette of your dress and figure.

Shoes to Wear with Long Dresses

What Shoes to Wear with Your Maxi Dress

Strappy Flat Sandals for Casual Outing

Bohemian long dresses or maxi skirts with casual style calls for strappy shoes, sans any heel. During your beach vacation, t-straps, gladiators (ankle length or mid-calf), and flip-flops are suitable options especially if the dresses are flowy and loose fitted. The straps lend a simplicity that will be a continuation of the dress, lending you a comfortable and relaxed appearance.

Shoes for Maxi Dress

Stiletto Heels for Ceremonial Get-Together

Formal evening or cocktail dresses require dressy shoes like stilettos, pumps, kitten heels, or slingback heels. The silhouette of the long dresses will be maintained by the heels and the platform for a taller and leaner look. However, if it is a wedding, then you require rhinestone embellished shoes, matching with your white or champagne dress Also, if the dress is slit then the peek-a-boo effect of the shoes will highlight the shoes.

Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress

Sneakers with Slit Maxi Dresses for a Sporty Look

Body wrapping maxi dresses preferably with a slit, can get a quirky and comfortable look while teamed up sneakers or running shoes. While the dress can keep up the girly vibe, the shoes will take care of your feet’s well being.

What to Wear with a Maxi Dress

Wedges with Sheer Maxi Dresses for a Fall Fashion

Mostly closed-toe wedges will go with half and half sheer long dresses for making a fashion statement. The shoes having details will enhance the look. Even open-toe wedges will be good enough for the dresses.

Shoes that go with Long Dresses
Shoes to go with Maxi Dress

You must combine your dresses and shoes, keeping in mind, the texture and the style of them. There is no strict rule for such combinations, but don’t go overboard with anything either. Remember your focus is to highlight the entire ensemble.

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