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16 Types of Necklaces Every Woman Should Know About

When you are out shopping for necklaces, having a lowdown of the different necklace styles available would prove to be pretty helpful, we feel. Your choice would depend a lot on your attire, the type of necklines you prefer and the occasion that you wish to wear the piece of jewelry for. The list below has all the details that you might need.

Types of Necklaces

Different Types of Necklaces

Depending On Length

1. Collar Necklace

Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces sit tightly around the neck in the collar region and can have single or multiple strands. They suit women with long, slender necks. When made with gems, beads, pearls, gold and silver they lend an elegant sophistication to your evening wear.

Length: 12”-13”

Best suited for: Off-shoulder, boat, turtle and V-necks.

2. Choker Necklace

Choker Necklace

Choker style necklaces also fit closely around the neck, but they are worn just above the collar bone. They suit women with long, slender necks. The stylish necklace can be made of metal, velvet, ribbon or even leather and can be worn to both casual and formal occasions with aplomb.

Length: 14”-16”

Best suited for: Sweetheart or any other strapless neckline. Ensure that the neckline is not very wide or the necklace would give the effect of a short neck.

3. Princess Necklace

Princess Necklace

This popular necklace design hangs over the collarbones. It can be in the form of a delicate pendant necklace or a loud statement neckpiece. Normally made with beads and gems, this fancy necklace style exudes a regal look. Wear the heavier gold and silver ones to weddings and choose the lightweight designs for wearing over a suit or dress for a formal occasion.

Length: 17”-19”

Best suited for: High necklines.

4. Matinee Necklace

Matinee Necklace

The matinee style of necklace is slightly longer than the princess style. It falls on the chest just above the cleavage. It gives you a leaner appearance by shifting the focus of the eyes away from the chin and neck area. Usually made of beads and stones, it can be perfectly paired with formal attire. Wear it with tops and gowns with a pendant to rock your look.

Length: 20”-24”

Best suited for: Plunging necklines

5. Opera Necklace

Opera Necklace

This necklace style hangs over your bust and comes in a variety of lengths. Depending on your height and the length of your torso, you might want to go with a longer or shorter version. You can loop it around your neck or layer it with other styles of necklaces for a dramatic look. It can be made of pearls or beads and worn to formal events.

Length: 25”-34”

Best suited for: Scoop necklines, turtle and high necks

6. Rope Necklace

Rope Necklace

Rope necklaces are very long and can be doubled or even tripled to give a multi-stranded look. Pearl necklaces in the rope style look classy. You can choose the thread rope necklaces for flaunting a boho-chic look when going out for a casual brunch with friends.

Length: 40”+

Best suited for: Halter straps and Queen Anne necklines

7. Lariat Necklace

Lariat Necklace

Being a longer version of the rope style, lariat necklaces are often wrapped around the neck several times for a cool look. It can be knotted over the chest part. Their ends can also be looped or crossed over to accentuate your decolletage. It is often in a Y-shape with a charm or pendant attached at the bottom for a sleek look. You can wear it to casual and formal occasions.

Length: 48”+

Best suited for: U-shaped, V-shaped and plunging necklines

Depending on Style

8. Bib Necklace

Bib Necklace

The bib necklace resembles a bib in style and allows you to ditch scarves for creating a new fashion statement at formal events. Style it to perfection by pairing it with a simple monochrome dress. It has a wide front portion resting below the neck with its triangular or circular frame usually studded with pearls, beads or gemstones.

Length: 12”-19”

Best suited for: Sweetheart and off the shoulder necklines

9. Chain Necklace

Chain Necklace

Do you wish to keep your look simple yet classy? Then look no further than the chain necklace that looks dainty when paired with solid colored dresses. You would commonly find them in gold, platinum, rose gold and silver. If you think it looks too plain, you can glam it up by stringing a lovely locket or pendant through it.

Length: 17”-19”

Best suited for: All types of necklines, including that of shirts

10. Plastron Necklace

Plastron Necklace

The heavily built plastron necklace looks good when styled with solid-colored dresses and tops. They cover the entire area just above the bust line and can jazz up your evening look. Made of silver, wood, glass or even beads, they allow you to channel a boho-chic style.

Length: 17”-23”

Best suited for: Boat and huge necks

11. Festoon Necklace

Festoon Necklace

The vintage style of necklace was a rage in the Victorian and Art Nouveau eras. The metal bindings, beads, gemstones and drapes of chains that make up the necklace look universally flattering and gorgeous with formal wear.

Length: 12”-16”

Best suited for: V-neck, off-shoulder neckline

12. Lavaliere Necklace

Lavaliere Necklace

This gorgeous necklace has exquisite embellishments surrounding a stunning pendant. The central piece is a chandelier type drop, which might also have embellishments hanging from it. Sitting pretty below the collarbone, the necklace would rock your festive and evening party looks. The bejeweled necklace would look attractive on a black dress.

Length: 14”-19”

Best suited for: Asymmetric necklines, spaghetti straps

13. Negligee Necklace

Negligee Necklace

Dating back to the 19th century Edwardian era, this necklace looks unique with the asymmetric structure of its drops or tassels. It has two parallel links hanging at two different lengths connected to a central pendant. Turn heads by teaming it with blingy party wear.

Length: 19”

Best suited for: Sweetheart, off-shoulder and straight across necklines

14. Reviere Necklace

Reviere Necklace

This gorgeous necklace comprises of precious or semi-precious gemstones of similar sizes or graduating smoothly from one size to another. Being devoid of any extra ornamentation, it accentuates the real beauty of the gemstones.

Length: 14”-16”

Best suited for: Strapless and V-necks

15. Sautoir Necklace

Sautoir Necklace

It is a long necklace that is suspended from the bust area in the form of an ornamental pendant or a tassel. It gained popularity during the Art Deco movement of the 20th century when it was mainly made of pearls and twisted ropes. That has been largely replaced by geometric diamonds in modern times.

Length: 30”-36”

Best suited for: V-necks, scoop necks and off-shoulder necklines

16. Thread Necklace

Thread Necklace

As the name suggests, this necklace is made up of colorful threads tied together with knots. It looks beautiful, adorned with silver pendants, charms and beads. It would come to your rescue in those days when you are struggling to accessorize your outfit uniquely.

Length: 14”-20”

Best suited for: Round, boat and t-shirt necks

Now that you know how many types of necklaces are there, you can decide on one that best fits you. A necklace is an accessory that transforms your look in a way few other jewelry can. When styled properly, it can turn heads and focus attention on the assets of your figure and face.

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