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How to Wear a Pair of Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are a winter essential, especially if snowfall is regular in your area. Flaunting the accessory is easy when you have suitable clothes and shoes.

How to Wear Leg Warmer

6 Ways to Wear Leg Warmers

With Skinny Jeans and Boots

How to Wear Leg Warmers with Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans go well with all types of leg warmers. For a blue pair of skinny jeans white or beige leg warmers and black boots create a balanced look. If the warmers have lacework on the hemline, then tuck in, keeping the lacy part peep out, so that they don’t get wet due to snowfall, and give a stylish vibe at the same time. However, wearing them on top of your boots on a sunny yet cold day is a viable option.

Tops: Denim or Leather Jackets
Shoes:Ankle-high or thigh-high boots

With Skirts and Boots

How to Wear Leg Warmer with Skirts

Miniskirts worn over stockings and a pair of leg warmer is a nice idea when you have chunky heels handy. Flared or tube skirts look good along with woolen leg warmers inside the shoes.

Tops: Full-sleeved sweaters,  cardigans, jackets
Shoes: Chelsea boots, suede ankle-boots

With Leggings and Flats

How to Wear Leg Warmer with Flats

While leggings give a streamlined and slimming effect to your legs, leg warmers might bulk it up. While lacy and less voluminous warmers can be worn on top of your shoes, chunky or woolen warmers are best tucked inside.

Tops: Full-sleeved sweaters
Shoes:Boots or flip-flops

With Regular Jeans and Sneakers

How to Wear Leg Warmer with Sneakers

Leg warmers and jeans conform to the street style. Since winter gives an opportunity to try a layered fashion it is an ideal time to opt for color-coordinated outfits. Opt for sweaters or tops matching with your leg warmers, colorwise. The only contrast will be your jeans in a different shade.

Tops:Tops with plunging necklines, sweaters or jackets
Shoes:Leather or synthetic sneakers

With Dress and  Ballet Shoes

How to Wear Thigh-High Leg Warmers

Ballet shoes and one-piece dresses are a suitable combination for women of all age groups. Whether or not the dress matches with your leg warmers, doesn’t matter as long as both are worn perfectly. Ballet shoes are flats so, you need to wear the warmers a bit above the heel for avoiding getting dirty. If the dress is way too short, then thigh-high leg warmers are a perfect companion.

Tops: Mini or midi dresses
Shoes: Ballerina flats with metal designs or strappy details

With Short Dresses and Heels

How to Wear Leg Warmers with Heels

Short dresses reveal your legs but leg warmers cover them partially, letting them create an interesting appearance. For high heels, skinny leg warmers are preferable as they maintain a slimming silhouette, although bulky warmers won’t be bad at all.

Low or medium heels and leg warmers are not a stylish combination, but if you wish to sport them together, you may go for plaid leg warmers., but make sure to avoid heavily-knitted leg warmers, as they can overpower the shoes.

Tops: Shirt dresses and sundresses
Shoes: Pumps, kitten heels, stilettos

Leg warmers do not have many variations in terms of wearing, but when it comes to styling them according to colors and materials, the possibilities are endless. The given ideas do not need to be strictly followed, rather they are suggestive ones from which you can take inspirations and create your own style.

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