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12 Different Types of Flattering Necklines and How to Accessorize Them

A neckline is a defining factor of a dress and there are variations regarding it. Finding out which one suits you is important as some complements you, and some don’t, depending on your figure. Get an idea from the following and choose your clothing accordingly.

Types of Neckline

Neckline Styles and How They Complement You

1. Sweetheart Neckline

What is it: A plunging neckline, defined by two curved edges with a plunging point at the middle, resembling the top part of a heart. The substantial coverage of the bodice accentuates the cleavage and looks balanced with an angular chin.

The semi-sweetheart neckline is more or less the same sans the plunging point.

Looks best on: Plus size, petite, and pear shaped bodies (skinny upper and narrow shoulders), and angular face shapes with a short neck and chin.

Most common on: Wedding, quinceanera, and prom dresses

Sweetheart Neckline

Earrings Studs
Necklace Princess Necklaces (its curve and width balance the neckline)
Hairstyle French roll or high bun

2. Halter Neckline

What is it: The fabric wraps around your neck, leaving the shoulders bare, and comes down diagonally under your armpit meeting at the back, adding volume to the upper part of your body.

Looks best on: Small and medium bust, broad shoulders but not sloppy ones

Most common on: Formal gowns and bikini tops

Types of Halter Neckline

Earrings Danglers or ear cuffs
Necklace Skip, or go for collar necklace with a pendent
Hairstyle Messy bun, wavy blow dry

3. High Neckline (Built-up or Funnel Neckline)

What is it: This fitted neckline starts from a few inches below the chin (collar), bulking up the collar zone. It adds volume to the neckline, making a long neck appear shorter.

Looks best on: Slender and square shaped body, narrow shoulders, thin neck and oval face

Most common on: A-line dresses, tops, and sweaters

High Neckline

Earrings Ear cuffs
Necklace Skip, or wear a choker or opera necklace
Hairstyle Wavy open hair, braids

4. Crew Neckline

What is it: A basic Round neckline, known as scoop when it is deep and daring. Sometimes, it ends at the base of your neck, creating another round style known as jewel. When the neckline is deep, with the length being more than the width, it is known as a U neckline. All these variations flatter the shoulder in their own way.

Wrap dresses often have a keyhole under the crew neckline which is a statement itself.

Crew Neckline
Round Neckline with Keyhole
Earrings Statement danglers
Necklace Metallic collar necklaces, Peter pan or bib neckpieces, chokers (for dresses)
Hairstyle Slick ponytails or blow dried open hair

Features it looks best on: Long neck, small to medium bust, and wide shoulders

Most common on: T-shirts, blouses, and sundresses

5. Off-Shoulder (Strapless or Bardot Neckline)

What is it: This neckline typically ends on your upper arms, revealing the shoulder, collarbone and the neck. It has a shoulder broadening effect and elongates the overall appearance.

Looks best on: Small and medium bust lines, well toned arms and shoulders, athletic, skinny and hourglass figures

Most common on: Wedding gowns and mini cocktail dresses

Off-Shoulder Neckline

Earrings Ear cuffs
Necklace Choker or collar necklaces
Hairstyle Blow dried open hair

6. Square Neckline

What is it: A square cut angular neckline revealing your collarbone and neck. It broadens the shoulder, balances the roundness of the face with angular style, and elongates the necklines. When there is more curves on the neckline, it is known as the Florentine style.

Looks best on: Petite shoulders of pear shaped bodies, round face, and a small neck

Most common on:  Tank tops and bodycon dresses

Square Neckline

Earrings Teardrop earrings
Necklace Chains with angular pendant
Hairstyle Bouffant or simple ponytails

7. Boat Neckline (Bateau or Princess)

What is it: This horizontal neckline runs along your collarbone and stretches from the front to back, meeting at the shoulders. This style widens the shoulder and adds volume to your bust line. Sabrina is just another variation with a subtle change in the length.

Boat Neckline

Looks best on: Pear-shaped body with small shoulders and small bust

Most common on: Mid-length bodycon dresses

Earrings Studs
Necklace Princess neckpieces
Hairstyle Open hair

8. “V” Neckline

What is it: Just like its name, the “v” neckline has a deep vertical plunge, similar to the English alphabet. It lengthens and slims down your figure, and short face, while shortening a broad shoulder.

Looks best on: Small, medium, and large bust, curvy and apple shaped bodies

Most common on: T-shirts, rompers and kimono dresses

What Necklace to Wear with V Neckline

Earrings Hoops
Necklace Adjustable tie necklaces
Hairstyle Side braids

9. Button-Up Neckline

What is it: A typical neckline exclusive for shirts. With its graceful style, it accentuates curvy shapes and athletic bodies

Looks best on: Short and medium bust lines and curves

Most common on: Formal shirts

What Necklace to Wear with Shirts

Earrings Studs
Necklace A chain with a pendant or a big statement necklace
Hairstyle Pixie cut or a back-brush style

10. One Shoulder Asymmetrical Neckline

What is it: It covers one shoulder with a strap and reveals the other, accentuating both shoulders and collarbones.

Looks best on: Narrow shoulders and slender arms

Most common on: Maxi dresses and tops

Asymmetrical Neckline

Earrings Danglers
Necklaces Asymmetrical neckpieces
Hairstyle Low bun

11. Pentagonal Neckline

What is it: Technically a fusion of sweetheart and square necklines, with a pointy plunge. It elongates the figure with its vertical silhouette. Sometimes it is combined with a small high-neck collar to create the Queen Anne neckline.

Looks best on: Narrow shoulders, small and medium busts, small and petite figures

Most common on: Mid-length dresses

Pentagonal Neckline
Queen Anne Neckline Type
Earrings Drop earrings
Necklace Give it a miss, or go for a mid-length chain with pendant, or a choker
Hairstyle Vintage pin-roll style

12. Illusion Neckline

What is it:  Strapless neckline with a sheer fabric layer giving it a high neck finish. The sheer part may actually look like it’s not there, so you appear to be wearing only the strapless part.

Looks best on: Pear shaped and hourglass figures

Most common on: Wedding and party gowns

Illusion Neckline

Earrings Ear cuffs
Necklace not required
Hairstyle Half-up half-down

Any neckline rightly complements your figure only when it is accompanied with the perfect pieces of jewelry. Also, the hairstyles are changeable, as it depends more on the occasion than the dress.

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