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How to Tie a Sarong

The multiple ways of wearing a sarong or pareo give your bikini ensemble a dressy appearance. These convertible bathing suit cover-ups are the most flexible garments as you are in charge of experimenting with their neckline, sleeves, and length. Follow the step-by-step instructions for transforming a sarong into dresses and tops.

How to Tie a Sarong

How to Wear a Sarong: 8 Different Ways to Tie

1. Halter Neck Dress Style

  • Keep the sarong horizontally behind your back by holding two corners of it
  • Put them in front by passing two corners under your armpits
  • Exchange them by holding the right corner in your left arm and vice versa
  • Take them at the back of your neck and tie

How to Tie a Sarong into a Halter Dress

2. Twisted Halter Neck Dress

  • Hold a sarong horizontally at your back with two edges in your grip
  • Bring them in front from under your arm
  • Twist the two edges with one overlapping the other
  • Gently tie the remaining part around your neck

How to Wear a Sarong

3. Side Knot Mini Skirt

  • Either fold a full-length sarong in half or take a mini sarong
  • Wrap it around your hips
  • Tie the ends in a way that the skirt has a triangle shape

You may use coconut clip as buckles for further securing the knot.

How to Tie a Sarong Skirt

4. Long Wrap Sarong Skirt

  • Cover your hip horizontally with a full-length sarong
  • Bring the loose ends to the side, under your waist
  • Tie them subsequently, leaving the slit on one side

You can make the knot in front as well, but it will have a corresponding slit below it.Instead at the waistline, you can cover up your bodice using the same technique for a strapless tube dress. If you are attending a luau party, then choose a Hawaiian sarong for a suitable look.

How to Tie a Beach Sarong

5. Sarong Kimono/Cardigan

  • Wear the sarong like a shawl, covering your arms
  • Tie the loose part around the arms in a way that it looks like a full sleeve dress
  • Keep the remaining part just the way it is

How to Tie Sarong

6. Over-the-One Shoulder Toga Dress

  • Horizontally cover your torso and pelvic zone with a sarong, starting with one side of it
  • Bring back another side from behind your back
  • Tie the remaining first and second end on your one shoulder

Tying a Sarong

7. Backless Daring Top

  • Wrap a mini sarong or fold a full-length sarong in half
  • Keeping the sarong vertically on your torso you will have four corners, two on the top and two at the bottom
  • Now tie the top corners around your neck and the bottom corners around your waistline

How to Wrap Sarong

8. Harem Jumpsuit/ Romper

  • Grasp a sarong and keep it in a vertical position aligned to your body
  • Take the two upper corner and tie a double knot, passing it through from front to back, under your arms, covering your torso
  • Clutch the remaining bottom part of your sarong and pull it back through the legs
  • Bring back the part to your front from your waistline and tie a double knot

Ways to Tie Sarong

Bikinis, monokinis, and tankinis are a must for your beach fashion, so are sarongs. From playing beach volleyball to attending a luau party, you can spice up your look with different outfits every time with one piece of sarong.

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