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What Kinds of Shoes to Wear with Leggings

As leggings are not a mere fad, rather they are here to stay, it is time to throw lights on suitable footwear options. Strike off strappy shoes covering the edge of leggings from your list because they make your appearance lousy.

What Shoes to Wear with Leggings

5+ Best Shoes and Leggings Combinations

Leggings with Boots

  • Knee-high boots: Sometimes, leggings might have a calf widening effect visually, and for toning it down, wear slouchy knee-high boots. Also, women with thick legs could use a combination of black or brown leggings and brown suede boots for a typical winter evening attire. Be it Christmas leggings, patterned ones or tribal leggings, knee-high boots subdue the excess effect creating a balance.
  • Mid-calf boots: Summer calls for mid-calf boots paired with leggings for a fresh and younger look. These graceful boots conceal chubby ankle when plus size women wear them tucked in leggings. An ensemble of same colored leggings underneath shorts and combat boots gives an impression of longer legs, making you a leggy lass, whereas, chunky booties with printed leopard leggings, galaxy or disco leggings are undoubtedly edgy.
  • Ankle-high boots: Leather leggings and ankle booties are a hot combo for making thin and extra legs thick and shorter in appearance. Cute flat boots are a comfortable solution to go well with cropped and full-length leggings teamed up with tunics, long denim or flannel shirts. Wear layered socks or leg warmers to make skinny legs appear voluminous. These booties along with liquid leggings have an impactful appearance for a night out. Also, skirty leggings or the ones under fit-and-flare dresses with boots look ethereal.
Ankle Boots with Leggings
Brown Boots with Black Leggings
Leggings with Boots

Leggings with Tennis Shoes and Sneakers

  • Since sneakers fit the bill for sporty looks wear canvas shoes with athletic or yoga leggings, often ending just below your knee or mid-calf, for your exercise at the gym. Bootcut leggings also look good with sneakers.
  • The breathable fabric of sneakers or tennis shoes allows your feet to stay fresh even after a long day of walk, so while on one hand for attending a concert with your friends you can wear high top bling sneakers with leather or velvet leggings, on the other, with shiny and sequined leggings, simple sneakers or converse will do.
Converse with Leggings
Leggings with Sneakers
Leggings with Tennis Shoes

Leggings with Flats

  • Any flats, sans straps, show a little skin which works as a relief from the continuous look of leggings. Choose darker shades of lacy or regular ballerina flats with red, white or blue leggings to a movie date for a streamlined appearance. Pregnant women can team up such flats with maternity leggings.
  • A chic look can be achieved well through a combination of flat gladiators with minimum straps and denim leggings.
  • For a dressy and appealing attire, metallic flats with shiny leggings would be nice.
Flat Shoes with Leggings
Leggings and Shoes
Leggings with Flat Shoes

Leggings with Wedges

  • Wedges are nice alternatives to stilettos, producing upscale combinations with capri leggings for both well toned and heavy legs, especially during spring.
  • Peep-toe and t-strap wedges along with leggings are a reliable bet for women hitting forties and fifties.
  • For a suitable feminine and fall get-up, wear tunics with floral leggings and complement the look with multiple strapped or singled strapped wedges. However, for winter, bring out faux leather from your wardrobe to match them with wedges.
Best Shoes for Leggings
Shoes for Leggings Winter
Shoes to Wear with Leggings in Fall

Leggings with Stilettos

  • Same colored leggings and stilettos provide a never-ending effect on your legs. Short legged women often try this style for a casual affair.
  • Dark colored leggings like navy, dark gray, and maroon teamed up with strappy stilettos are good for skinny legs. For a winter brunch party, wear comfortable camo or knitted leggings and sweatshirts with a hoodie or a sweater dress and complement the look with stilettos.
  • Slingback stilettos along with footless checkered or houndstooth leggings reveal your feet, subduing the effect of an extra long leg. For a more proper look, try out these shoes with lace leggings.
Shoes to Wear with Camo Leggings
What Kind of Shoes to Wear with Leggings
What Shoes to Wear with Leggings and a Long Sweater

As a comfort wear, leggings are an important part of both professional and personal ensembles, so it is important to pair them with suitable shoes in a way that they should complement rather than overpowering each other.

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