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How to Wear Chelsea Boots: Ideas for Women

With their British lineage, Chelsea boots are a classic version of ankle boots. Traditionally made of a single piece of leather, their simple and casual appearance makes them an everyday essential for women. The hassle-free features (sans any straps or laces) are the main reason why they have been a popular trend from the early Victorian era to present days.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots Womens

What to Wear with Chelsea Boots in All Seasons

With Jeans for Summer

Skinny Jeans: Black skinny jeans and white full sleeved shirts coupled with brown platform Chelsea boots create a smart corporate look. If your jeans are too long, then cuff them accordingly to have a leggy lass appearance. A combination of black ripped jeans and suede high heeled Chelsea boots makes a contrast regarding their hues and shapes.

Boyfriend Jeans: While baggy jeans are all up for camouflaging your thighs, Chelsea boots accentuates your mid-calf, thus creating a balance. Try blue boyfriend jeans and suede boots for a casual hangout with friends especially in summer.

Brown Chelsea Boots Women
Black Chelsea Boots for Women

With Leggings and Stockings for Winter

Leather Leggings: Edgy black leather pants and black Chelsea boots offer a slimy look to your bottom, especially if you have a pear shape figure. Complete the ensemble with chunky jackets or ponchos for winter.

Stockings: Women with short legs can wear shorts with black stockings underneath and accessorize that with black or tan Chelsea boots and socks, peeping slightly over the boots. Clad your neckline with an infinity scarf for a perfect winter fashion look.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Leggings
How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Socks

With Rompers for Spring

Mid-length Rompers: Rompers are casual outfits which reveal legs but only up to a moderate extent. Plus size women can have wide leg monochromatic rompers and pair them with black Chelsea Boots.

Short Rompers: Also, for this easy breezy season of the year teenagers can go for a combination of short floral rompers with chevron prints and brown Chelsea boots. Sling Crossbody bags are ideal accessories for such outfits.

What to Wear with Chelsea Boots Women
How to Wear Womens Chelsea Boots

With Maxi Dresses for Fall

Color-coordinated floor kissing dresses and Chelsea boots tone down your figure, sometimes camouflaging excess fat and sometimes concealing your extra skinny figure for a well-balanced appearance.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Dresses
How to Wear Chelsea Boots with a Dress

With Skirts for Year Round

Mini Skirts: Pleated short skirts and ankle-length Chelsea boots are a perfect match, complementing each other, regardless of the age and shape of a woman. Wear a top, preferably with ruffles in the neckline, a red and black chequered plaid skirt, and a pair of dark boots.

Maxi Skirts: Long maxi slit skirts, turtleneck full sleeved tops, and booties in jet black shade provide an edgy and avant-garde appearance.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots with Skirts
How to Wear Chelsea Boots with a Skirt

Just like Ankle Booties are easy to slip into, Chelsea boots being a deviation of the former carry the same features with some uniqueness of their own. After decking up in outfits consisting of the shoes, you will realize the reason for their long history of popularity.

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