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How to Wear Heels All Day

High heels are a fashion staple we simply cannot do without. But styling them at the cost of your comfort doesn’t make sense either. So, if you have to wear heels all the time at your workplace, here are a few simple tricks and hacks to keep in mind so you can learn to keep your feet cozy in those pointy shoes.

How to Wear Heels All Day

15 Useful Tips to Wear Heels Without Pain

1. Choose the Right Size Footwear

A well-fitted pair of shoes is less likely to cause blisters and numbness than loose or tight ones. Since foot sizes are changeable in certain circumstances, like in case of new moms, it may help to get your feet measured at least once a year or try on different sized shoes before buying a pair.

2. Opt for Strappy Shoes

The thick over-the-foot straps do not let your feet slip through the shoes and keep them rightly placed, minimizing the chance of blister or pain. To get extra support, choose gladiator sandals or shoes with t-straps.

3.  Break in the Shoes

If you don’t have a shoe stretcher at home, go to the nearest cobbler and break-in the shoes you have just bought. You may also use a hairdryer to stretch them. Also, before you go out in them, wear the new shoes at home for some time to get used to how they feel.

4. Use Cushions and Silicon Sole Supports

Silicon soles or cushions offer good support to the ball of your feet, relieving any pain and soreness that you might get otherwise.

5. Select Shoes that Cover the Toes

Since the cover of the shoes offers better balance by keeping the toes together, closed-toe heels are less likely to cause pain and discomfort.

6. Go for Thicker Soles

Shoes with thin soles, like stilettos, have an elevated arch between the heel and ground, and this leads to an immense pressure on the balls of your feet. But platform shoes, preferably made of rubber or leather, have a lower arch and do not cause such pressure.

7. Buy Broader Heels

Narrow heels offer little space to balance your feet, causing pain as a result. So, you must select shoes with broader heels like platform or wedges for better support.

8. Check the Placement of Heels

Ideally, the heels of the shoes should be right under your own heels, instead of at the back of the shoes. So, try on the shoes before buying, and feel if the heel placement is fine.

9. Get Shoes with a Comfortable Slope

Select shoes having a gradual slope instead of a steep one, as the latter puts excessive pressure on your toes and heels.

10. Tape the Toes

Before slipping into a pair of heels, just tape your third and fourth toes together. This will help you align the muscle, reducing the pressure on the balls for a comfortable walk.

11. Roll on Deodorant

Apply some transparent deodorant underneath the straps and covers of the shoes. This prevents chafing, making your walk a comfortable experience. Petroleum jelly will work for this purpose too. You may also opt for soft footies to wear underneath your shoes.

12. Apply Baby Powder

Use baby powder on your feet before putting on the shoes to get rid of the skin moisture that often results in blisters.

13. Walk Wisely

You must keep your legs straight with your core muscle to trim down the pain of wearing heels. While walking, make your move using the thigh muscle and hip all at once. It may take a little practice beforehand, but once you master this style of walking, heels cannot bother you again.

14. Take a Break Whenever You Can

If you get the chance, take off your heels and stretch your toes for a while. If that is not possible, then avoid standing for a long time, taking a seat whenever possible. If you are required to wear heels at office, you can keep them under your table so you may slip into them when going to a meeting. And you can wear something more comfortable on your way to and from work.

15. Go Shoe-Shopping at Night

It might sound weird, but it’s scientific and logical to buy shoes at night because your feet tend to swell over the day, no matter what you have been doing. So, you will have a more accurate fitting in the evening.

Now that you are wiser than before about avoiding the discomforts of a high heel, bring out your most extravagant leather or glitter heels from the closet and wear them to casual outings, wedding parties or any corporate events.

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