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How to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Enlarging the appearance of your small eyes through makeup is not at all a time-consuming affair. You will need a makeup brush, white or nude eyeliner, highlighter, mascara and a pinch of shimmer. However, if you are deprived of sleep due to work pressure or kids, then taking care of puffy eyes with cucumber or ice should be the basic step throughout the year.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

10 Beauty Tricks for a Bigger Appearance of Your Eyes

1. Conceal the Dark Circle

Dark circles engulf your small eyes in a way that even proper makeup might not be able to save the pair. So, apply an illuminating concealer that is one shade lighter than your go-to foundation.

How to Make Your Small Eyes Bigger

2. Fill in the Brows

Eyebrows are the outline of the eye zone and needed to be groomed wisely in order to make the eyes noticeable. Use a brush and softly run over the brows to tame them and in case of thin eyebrows just use an eyebrow pencil and thicken the brows by filling them in. Once the brows are highlighted enough, your eyes become conspicuous.

How to Make My Eyes Look Bigger

3. Pamper Your Lashes

Curling the lashes will ensure the fact that your eyes look wide with the much-needed definition. After that apply mascara moderately as this is a surefire way to bring the eyes to everyone’s notice. You can also add false lashes.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger without Fake Eyelashes

4. Align the Eyeliner

For a bigger appearance, keep on lining close to the upper eyelashes and make the line thin towards the outer v of your eyes. On the lower line, you should only apply the liner on the outer side instead of drawing a line from the inner corner as the latter can make the eyes appear smaller. The lower rim of your eyes should be given a touch of white or nude eye lining to make your eyes pop. It is better to use an eyeliner pencil rather than the liquid one.

The upper waterline can also be highlighted with black eyeliner.

Eyeliner to Make Eyes Look Bigger

5. Color Your Crease

Highlighting your crease with some nude or neutral eyeshadows will emphasize the eye zone. It could be powder rose, taupe, or any earthy shades for your eyeshadow.

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger with Eyeshadow

6. Use Light Eyeshadow

Soft shades are conducive to the reflection of light so use them on your favor and make your eyelids look wide. Dark colors, on the other hand, blocks the way of reflecting the light and naturally doesn’t help anything for a bigger appearance.

Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger

7. Add Shimmer to Your Makeup

Apply some shimmer to the corner of your eyes to give it some depth. You can either blend it or keep it the way it is as both will lend you different looks.

Small eyes are also beautiful and you can use makeup to pop them. Take some help from the article and use them in real life especially when you are wearing glasses and need to brighten the pair of eyes.

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