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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows and Get a Natural Look

Filling in a pair of sparse, unruly, or over-tweezed eyebrow is essential, as well-groomed brows add definition to a face. Sometimes even perfectly shaped eyebrows can be thin enough to go unnoticed, so you may need the help of a spoolie brush, pressed powder, eyeshadow or eye pencils. In addition to unplucked brows, thick and curly eyebrows may often need a nice finishing to look perfect.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

How to do Eyebrow Makeup: Step-by-Step Instruction

1. Put a brush vertically on the edge of your nose. The top part of the brush will indicate where your brow should start from.

2. The ending point of your brow and the outer corner of your eyes should have a 45° angle between them, so, place the brush in an angle where the ending of your nose and the browline stay on the same side of it. Your eyebrow should extend where the brush ends

3. See the second picture below and place a straight object (our kohl pencil, or a long brush) along the bow of your upper lip, and the edge of your nose. The upper end of the brush should touch the highest point of your eyebrow. This is how you can mark the arch of your brow.

How to do Eyebrow Makeup

4. Use a spoolie brush and start brushing your eyebrow upwards to check if there is any particular place that needs special filling in.

Filling in Eyebrows

5. Choose an eyebrow pencil and start filling in any gaps with short light strokes, similar to the hair length of your brow. The shade should match with your brow color for a natural appearance. You can do this with a suitable shade of eyeshadow if you want to do it without an eyebrow pencil. Also, don’t fill in the starting point of your brow as they can give your brow a harsh look. You may extend the brow a little more if you wish.

[Women having blonde hair should choose a color that is one shade lighter than the color of their brow. Those having dark hair may go for the same eyebrow pencil shade as the color of their brow. Kohl or Kajal can also be used by brunette women.]

6. Take an angled brush and pressed powder (of the same tone of your brow color) and apply lightly to make the borders even. Don’t go overboard as it may result in an unflattering appearance. Blonde women should skip this step.

How to Fill in Eyebrows with Powder

7. To blend the makeup in, start running a spoolie once again. It will also help find if there is any harsh or uneven spot left. A brush with a slanting tip would be better for those having blonde hair.

How to Fill in Thin Eyebrows

8. Brush a colored gel on your brows to set the natural look of your brows.

Eyebrow Filling Tutorial

9. Use a color correcting concealer on the top and bottom of the brows to make the skin tone balanced with your brows. You may use white eyeliner for the bottom if that suits and merges with your skin tone

How to Fill in Eyebrows Naturally

10. Apply translucent powder with the help of a fluffy brush on edges of your brows for a clean and sharp appearance.

How to Apply Eyebrow Makeup

The image below can help you understand the difference between an eyebrow before and after filling it in.

Eyebrows Filled in Before and After Image

Placing a stencil and then filling in is an easy process if you want to skip the first three steps. So, now you know that threading and tweezing may often not be enough. Applying makeup on your eyebrows like a pro goes a long way to get that perfect look.

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