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How to Break in Your Leather Boots or Shoes Safely

Your new pair of leather boots is just like little babies who crave for your attention all the time. A little ignorance can result in a blister. To avoid this, here are some hacks to help you step out in style like a diva.

5 Ways of Softening and Breaking in Leather Boots

1. Practice is the Key

Be patient! Best things do take time! Walk in your leather boots with thick cotton socks for around ten to fifteen minutes daily to find out whether they are causing any pain or not. Chances are, this way the fabric will stretch up to a comfortable extent.

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 2. Spray it Off

Stretching sprays readily available in the market can be used as well. Apart from that you could spray some rubbing alcohol on the stiff parts of the leather, wear them before they dry out and walk for a while.

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This method is applicable for original leather ONLY. Do not try this if you have faux leather boots.

3. Hand Smash

Squishing the heels and other stiff parts of the shoes with your hand when they are just out of the box is a great way to soften them. Don’t smash too hard as they are delicate.

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4. Condition’er Apply

Conditioners also come in handy to soften your leather boots. Vaseline, baby oil, and mink oil can be used instead.

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5. Stretch without Wearing

A boot stretcher is another good option, where you place a stretching tool within the shoes to break in. But you need to place it properly, or it may overstretch your expensive boots.

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Quicker Methods: Do it Only if You REALLY NEED

For the safest and quickest solution, you may go to a professional cobbler, but if you don’t have the time, there are a few more tricks to try. However, use them cautiously as they might even damage your precious boots.

1. A Little Heat

Wear the boots and blow a dryer in front of the stiff parts for a few seconds.

Do: Wear the boots until they cool down to make the leather stretch according to your foot size.

Don’t: Hold it too close as excess heat can dry up and ruin the leather.

2. Freezing and Stretching

Place an airtight plastic zipper bag, half filled with water, inside each boot, and freeze them overnight. With the expansion of water, while turning cold, it will be conducive to expedite the break-in process.

Do: Use double cover for the zipper bag to avoid water leakage.

Don’t: Pull out the zipper bag until the ice melts.

Your new leather boots might be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but once you mold them accordingly, you are going to have a long walk together.

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