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8 Types of Braids That Blend Comfort with Style

When it comes to keeping the glam quotient of your hairstyle high without compromising on the comfort of wearing it, braids enjoy a top notch position with hairstylists, celebrities and any girl who likes to flaunt an effortlessly chic look. Whether you want to keep it classic or trendy, our assortment of the various types of braids has you covered.

Types of Braids

Different Types of Braids

1. Regular 3 Strand Braid

Regular 3 Strand Braid

This is the basic braid that almost all of us are familiar with. You need to take 3 sections of your hair and pass each to the other side over a central strand. Though it might look complex at first, with practice, you will find this to be the simplest and fastest braid to keep your hair out of your face. You can have it as a single braid or wear it in pigtails.

2. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

For this playful hairstyle, start off by separating your hair into two sections. Take a skinny strand from underneath one of the sections and cross it over from one side to another. Repeat on both sides to get the pattern. Though it takes a lot of your time, it is pretty simple and can add a touch of boho to your look. It works for both long and short hair.

3. French Braid

French Braid

This classic braiding style is worked by continuously including hair strands to a basic 3 strand braid. Each time you pass a section of your hair over the central strand, grab more hair from the side and add to it. It needs some practice though it is fairly easy to execute. It keeps long hair secured as you work out or travel. You can flaunt the chic style at weddings, the office or at a casual brunch.

4. Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is a slight modification of the French braid, where instead of passing the hair above each strand, you do it underneath. The super trendy braid boasts of a pop out appearance that makes it more defined and visible than the French braid that flows inward. Also known as the reverse French braid, this one has a high difficulty level. It suits formal occasions.

5. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

This is a modification of the French braid where instead of pulling in sections to put all of your hair in a plait, you only braid across the top part of your hair, leaving the remaining part free. It creates a cascading effect pairing beautifully with a soft wave hairstyle. The gentle, romantic looks of the hairstyle make it perfect for brides and bridesmaids. You can accentuate its beauty with flowers or delicate hair slides.

6. Upside Down Braid

Upside Down Braid

It is nothing but a French braid that is started at the nape of your neck and worked its way up the head. If you want the pattern to show, you need to keep the strands tight as you pass the strands one over the other. When you reach the crown, secure the free hair in a ponytail and tie a bun with it. It looks really captivating if you do it with double braids.

7. Crown Braid

Crown Braid

Look like a princess by making a traditional side braid and wrapping it over the top of your forehead, securing it with bobby pins all along. You can leave out a few strands to frame your face. Make it last all day long by spritzing it with a stronghold hair spray. The gorgeous hairstyle suits special occasions like proms and weddings.

8. Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid Braid

Though this cute braided updo is made the same way as the crown braid, it is pushed back on your head by a couple of inches to rest at a position that is more towards the middle of your head. Also, it gives a more traditional look with a center part than the crown braid that usually sports a side part.

If you have medium hair, you can go with fishtail, Dutch and French braids. The milkmaid and upside down braids are a good match for curly and fine haired beauties. Steer clear of the fishtail braid if you have layered hair. The Dutch and French braids would be your go-to styles in that case. Get ready to stand apart in the crowd with these cool braids.

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