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How to Apply Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes

Almond shaped eyes have an oval feature and their outer side is upturned. Considered to be the perfect eye type due to their symmetrical feature, almost all sorts of makeup complement them. 

How to do Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

  • Priming your eyes is the basic step that you cannot miss regardless of your eye shape. It will make the eye makeup last for a long time without getting smeared.

How to do Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

  • Apply a light or metal colored eyeshadow for lending a depth to your eyes and making a base. If you are a pro in eye makeup then opt for smokey eyes, though using only the metallic eyeshadow will render the required effect itself.

 Almond Eye Makeup Tutorial

  • Highlight the outer v to contour the eyes. You can choose to fill in the v to give your eyes an extended look toward the outer corner (similar to winged or cat’s eye makeup).

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Almond Shaped Eyes

  • Apply multiple coats of mascara to achieve a thick effect on your lashes.

Best Eye Makeup for Almond Eyes

Makeup for Almond Eyes

As almond eyes do not require any complicated makeup process, it is just enhancement and pretty much the same as other eye makeup. If you still find the steps confusing, just use the winged or cat’s eye makeup style.

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