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How to Use Color Correcting Concealer

Colored concealers have a certain way of hiding your blemishes as each shade works on some skin problems exclusively, hence for an even facial tone, you need multiple shades of concealers. The easiest way to understand which color is best for blemishes, and which one covers redness or dullness, check out a color wheel. The opposite shades are best to encounter each other, resulting in a blemish-free skin. However, applying regular foundations and compact powder afterward is mandatory.

Color Wheel Complementary Colors
How to Use Color Correcting Concealer

6 Color Correcting Concealers and How to Apply Them

1. Pink Concealer

To hide dark circles from your pale skin this concealer works the best. Being a fusion of yellow, orange, and red, the concealer looks light salmon in shade.

2. Green Concealer

Green fights the redness caused by acne scars or pimples and provides a balanced tone to your face.

3. Purple/Lavender Concealer

To veil your yellow complexion or any irregular yellow spots on face, using purple concealer is the only way. The latter merges well with the former shade and lessens the excess yellowness.

4. Yellow Concealer

If you look at the color wheel you will find yellow opposite to purple. To reduce any purplish blemish on your face like bruises or to cover your veins, apply yellow concealer in moderate amount.

5. Orange Concealer

For women with darker skin tone, orange acts on concealing the bluish dark circles and spots.

6. Peach Concealer

Exclusively for dark skin, peach is what saves you from exposing dark circles and blemishes on your face.

If your skin is naturally flawless then you won’t even need all shades from the pallet. For enhancing the beauty, just add some yellow tints on two outer sides of your eye zone for a bright look. Also, go for light and thin layers of concealer as the purpose is to brighten up your face, not overdo it with them. Instead of a brush, use cotton dab carefully.

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