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How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger for a Perfect Pout

To get a perfect pair of bee-stung lips like Angelina Jolie without going through cosmetic surgery, opt for simple makeup tricks. While there are other natural ways, makeup blesses you with an instant result.

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

10 Steps to Make Your Lips Look Fuller with Makeup

1.Hydrating- Apply lip balm evenly on your lips for a moisturized base and wait for around 5 minutes to let it settle.

2. Brushing- Brush off dead cells from your lips and let them reflect lights for a fuller, bigger, and rosy appearance.

3. Priming- Apply a lightweight primer or a concealer on your lips and slightly over the lip line, for a bigger base.

4. Glossing- Wear lip gloss either close to the shade of your lipstick or a clear gloss on your cupid’s bow (the upper curve of the lips). The highlighted part will give an impression of plump lips.

5.  Lining- Choose a lip liner that is 2-3 shades darker than the color of your lips and make an outline. You need to fill in the gap between your natural lip line and the artificial line that you made with the primer.

Instead of lip liner, you can apply a lipstick by starting with an “X” on the cupid bow.

Ways to Make Your Lips Bigger

6. Contouring- Apply a contour one or two shades lighter than the liner to highlight the shadow of your lips.

7. Powdering- Apply neutral powder under the lower lip with a concealer brush.

8. Coloring- Wear matte lipstick evenly on your lips. If your lipstick is not matte, then apply some powder and blend it on your lips after you have put on the lipstick.

9. Highlighting- Either dab shimmery powder or eyeshadow or a lip gloss on the center of the lips that include both the upper and lower lips. You could also use a white liner for creating the same effect.

10. Removing the Excess- Take a concealer brush and wipe off lipstick marks on the skin(if any).

There is another funny yet effective way and we call it the suction style. Put a shot glass or a bottle cap on your lip and suck it for around 15 seconds. Repeat the methods 4-5 times with some intervals in between. Although you will have a ring surrounding your lips initially but the lips will be swollen. Some even apply lip balm before the procedure.

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