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How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Isn’t it irritating to experience your perfume starting to fade away soon after applying, when you are headed outside, especially in summer? Check out the suggestions below instead of carrying the bottle of scent with you all the time.

Simple Tips to Make Perfume Last All Day

Moisturizing Your Skin

All types of perfumes, including the alcohol-based ones, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette, stay better on oily skin than dry skin. As oil and moisture help lock the fragrance, apply Vaseline, unscented moisturizer or jojoba oil beforehand.

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Applying After Bath

For a long-lasting effect, it is best used after the shower and before dressing up when you are completely dried up.  A warm bath, preferably with body soaps or any scented shower gel, clears your skin pores, therefore retaining the essence of perfume for a long time by soaking it.

Layering Your Fragrance

Make some layers by spritzing a strong perfume as the base and a light scent on the top. Be careful not to overdo this method. You may also use some long-lasting complex scents, (a combination of top, middle and base notes). Patchouli, musk, pine or vanilla base notes stay longer than citrus ones.

No More Rubbing

Be it your homemade liquid perfumes with essential oils (like ylang-ylangg and sandalwood), or solid roll-ons, never rub your skin after applying it, as this may make the fragrance disperse faster by damaging the molecules of the top note.

Using on the Pulse Points

Apply the perfume on your pulse points such as, behind the ears, on the neck, wrists, cleavages, around your elbows, and on your ankles. Their warmth stimulates the perfume, making it smell stronger and last longer.

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Spraying from a Distance

While applying perfumes, keep the bottle at least 15 to 20 cm away from you. This way the essence will stay longer without staining your clothes. For a moderate smell to last long, spray a little amount in the air and walk through it.

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Storing it Properly

Direct exposure to heat and humidity is detrimental to your perfumes, so store them in a cool and dry place instead of your bathroom.

Caution: Point to Keep in Mind

Many people believe that spraying your hairbrush and combing afterward will increase the longevity of perfume on your body, but it is damaging to your hair because of its alcohol content. However, you may experiment with an alcohol-free perfume.

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