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How to Get Rid of Unappealing Bubbles in Your Nail Polish

Air bubbles, being a spoiler of manicure, make your nail paint uneven and unappealing. Old as well as new nail colors, both can cause annoying bubbles on your freshly painted nail, depending on how you use them. There are some easy hacks regarding this, follow them and stop getting air bubbles in nail polish.

How to Get Rid of Bubbles in Nail Polish

Why does Your Nail Polish Bubble

Bubbles appear mostly when air gets stuck inside your nail polish, before, after or during application. Sometimes the moisture and oil of our skin create an acidic layer, also causing air bubbles.

How to Prevent Air Bubbles in Nail Polish: 7 Ways

  1. Wash your nails using soapy water and a bristle brush and let them dry completely. Then apply white vinegar to make the nails oil free. To further ensure there is no oil residue,  just apply a coat of remover. (Note: Do not use any kind of lotion before applying the nail polish as this will nullify the process by adding moistures.)
  2. Roll your nail polish bottle in between your palms instead of shaking (as it creates bubbles) them vertically. If you are blending two or more colors in an empty bottle for a different shade and shaking is a must, wait around half an hour before you apply the color, to get the bubble out of your nail polish.
  3. Using a new bottle of nail polish always lessens the chance of bubbles as they are thin. In case you are using your old nail polish which is most likely to be thick, add a few drops of remover or acetone and make it thinner. The manicure might not last long since it has the remover, but it will be bubble free.
  4. Air is the hub for bubbles, so while applying your nail polish make sure to turn off the fan and stay away from the window to avoid the bubbles to form.
  5. Start off with base coats as there is a little chance for bubbles to grow on them. Let them dry and then apply thin coats of nail color. Wait until the first round of coating dries completely and then go on to the second round of coating. If you are in hurry, use “quick dry” nail polish. Nail polish bubbles up when the top part dries faster than the bottom and to quicken the drying process the bottom makes some bubbles.
  6. Use long strokes for polishing your nail so that you don’t have to lift the brush often as short and quick strokes might let your nail polish dry with some air, leaving bubbles on it.
  7. To stop your nail polish from bubbling always tightly place the cap of the polish bottle once you are done.

If you see that your nail polish has dried with bubbles on your top coat you have no option to fix them other than removing the nail color and starting from the scratch.

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