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How to Dry Your Nail Polish Fast

Haven’t we all been tired of our nail paint taking ages to dry? Little did we know that we could easily accelerate the drying period in a few simple ways. Using new polish is a basic step as older ones are often thicker and harder to dry. You should also roll your nail polish bottle horizontally beforehand, instead of shaking.

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5 Ways to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster at Home

1. Layering with Right Coats

Applying thin coats of nail color instead of thick ones is one of the wisest tricks of all. Use three coats of your nail polish in an interval of one to two minutes. You can use a quick drying top coat instead.

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2. Freeze Drying Your Nails Instantly

Immerse your painted nails into a bowl of cold water, preferably with ice cubes, for a couple of minutes, and voila! Your nail color will dry up completely. You can also put your fingers in the freezer in case of hurry.

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3. The Quick Blow-Drying Method

If you are looking for drying your nail color at home without water, then there are other options available.

Put your hair dryer on the coolest setting and blow dry your freshly painted nails in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Using it between two coats of polish is recommended. You can use the air duster for similar results.

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4. The Spray Magic Trick

Apply cooking or hairspray on your freshly painted nail and let it stay for a couple of minutes. Wash off afterward to get rid of the oily smell if you are using cooking spray.

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5. Using Baby Oil and Other Natural Oils

Dip your nails in a bowl of baby oil or any other virgin oil (e.g. sunflower, coconut, olive) for around two to three minutes. It will moisturize your skin in addition to drying the nail color super fast.

All the above-mentioned tricks are effective for regular, acrylic, or gel nail polish. If you are running out of time, then choose the UV nail dryer to get your polish to dry really fast.

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