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How to Curl Your Hair without Heat – 9 Fast Ways

Naturally made curls are long lasting, but unless these methods are used on moisturized hair it may look rough and get tangled fast. Avoid brushing afterward as it can mess up the locks. To give the curls a bright look, use hair gel or spray subsequently.

How to Curl Your Hair without Heat Pictures


7 Best Ways to Get Curls Without Heat Overnight: for Long and Medium Hair

1. Braiding

  • Wash your hair and towel dry
  • Comb and part the hair into 2 sections
  • Start braiding from a certain length where you wish to have your curls to start from
  • Leave it for 7-8 hours before releasing the braids

Part your hair into 5-6 sections instead of 2 for more voluminous curls. To get an instant result, keep the braids for a shorter period of time.

Curl Your Hair without Heat Pictures

 2. Rolling

  • Wash hair properly with shampoo and conditioner
  • Comb and part your hair into several sections
  • Roll each section with a roller and enclose properly
  • Leave it for 6-7 hours, unroll

Two kinds of roller are available, foam and velcro, of different diameters providing respected curls.

Curling Your Hair without Heat Images

3. Pin Curling

  • Comb your hair and part the strands into several sections
  • Take the strands one by one and keep on twisting vertically
  • Then twist it around in a circular way and secure the strands with bobby pins
  • Leave for 4-5 hours and unpin

The more you twist, curlier the hair. So, even if you don’t have curlers at home, just follow the method, it does not necessarily require your hair to be washed beforehand.

Pin Curling Your Hair without Heat Photos

4. Using Curl Headband

  • Dampen the hair
  • Put on headbands
  • Part your hair strands into smaller sections and tuck in each one inside the headband separately
  • Pin down the loose hairs
  • Let it stay overnight before releasing next morning

Pictures of Using Headband for Curl Your Hair without Heat

5. Using Sock Bun

  • Take a sock and cut off the toe part
  • Make a ponytail with your hair
  • Let the ponytail go through the sock and tuck in
  • For more inclusion of hair keep the sock rolling
  • After rolling, secure the bun with a pin
  • Leave it for 7-8 hours and release

Using Sock Bun Curl Your Hair without Heat

6. Wrapping

  • Part your hair into sections
  • Wrap them in bubble wraps or baby wipes
  • Leave for several hours and unwrap

Images of Curl Your Hair without Heat by Wrapping

 7. Using Old T-Shirts

  • Take your old t-shirt and cut it into thin strips
  • Part your hair into sections
  • Roll your hair along with the strip towards your neck
  • After all the sections are done, pin them down
  • Release the strips after some hours

Photos of How to Curl Your Hair without Heat

2 Ways to Curl Short Hair without Heat

1. Making Bantu Knots

  • Dampen the hair properly
  • Part them into small sections, making a tight bun with each
  • Pin them down
  • Leave them overnight, releasing in the morning

This hairstyle is very widespread amongst Afro-American women. You can style your short hair making such knots and attend a party.

Picture of Curling Hair without Heat Bantu Knot

2. Using Flexi Rods and Curl Formers

  • Wrap your hair around the curl formers or flexi rods properly, after combing
  • Leave it  for one to several hours, un-twirl afterward

For the best result, application of mousse beforehand is advisable.

Curl Short Hair without Heat Image

Advantages of Making Hair Curls without Heat

  • Inexpensive and can be done at home anytime.
  • It also does not have any side effects such as roughness and split-ends.
  • Applicable for all kinds of hair irrespective of length and colors.
  • Can be used for synthetic and artificial hair such as Kanekalon and virgin Brazilian hair extension.

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