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Easy Purple Smokey Eye Makeup for All Occasions

Smokey eye makeup tricks, using vivid shades of purple, lend a newness to your appearance with the vibrant hue. For a chiseled look, brides can opt for shimmery eye makeups while bridesmaids can coordinate by choosing matte ones. Any style you pick, start off with a primer on your eyelids. 

Purple Smokey Eye

3 Purple Smokey Eye Tutorials According to Your Skin Tone and Eye Color

1. Pink and Purple Glittery Smokey Eye for Green Eyes

  • Choose a silver glittery shade and apply
  • Accentuate the outer V with a black and smoothly smudge it
  • Apply deep purple eyeshadow on the middle and blend with the shimmery eyeshadow
  • Use a pale pink eyeshadow above the crease for a natural rise of the zone
  • Complete the look with a winged liner and false eyelashes, highlighted with mascara

These particular shades are ideal for women with medium to dark complexion.

Best Occasion to Wear:  Wedding and cocktail parties.

Purple and Pink Smokey Eye

2. Purple and Sky Blue Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

  • Apply a purple eyeshadow on your crease zone followed by a neon pink matte eyeshadow
  • Take a sky blue eye pencil and use that on your entire eyelid evenly
  • Gently smudge a roll-on shimmer on inner corners of your eyes
  • Seal the deal with blue eyeliner and mascara

You can also use green eyeshadow for a dash of color for to balance a pale or fair complexion.

Best Occasion to Wear: Brunch or any get-together

Purple Smokey Eye for Blue Eyes

3. Matte Purple Smokey Eye Makeup for Hazel Brown Eyes

  • Wear pale shade of purple eyeshadow which should be evenly spread
  • Settle the look with light gold or bronze and brown eyeshadow on the crease and brow line( for hooded eyes)
  • Wear thin lined eyeliner either with black or purple eyeliner

This makeup suits all complexions.

Best Occasion to Wear: Casual outing

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Purple eyeshadows can easily give you a dramatic look, without having to worry about the perfect shade. Regardless of your facial structure, you can easily sport the look following these.

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