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How to Style a Pixie Cut in 10 Different Ways

The idea that a small haircut cannot be further styled is wrong as not only can you adjust their texture, but also add volume. So, if you are willing to chop off your big bangs and locks, but taking a backseat in fear of lack of styling options, here are some quick solutions.

How to Style a Pixie Cut

3 Styling Tips for Pixie Cut

  • Apply texturizing products to help your hair stay frizz-free and textured.
  • Use hair mousse to add volume to your short hair. You have to blow dry your hair afterward and then you can either comb or run fingers softly through the hair for a voluminous effect.
  • Don’t use too much hair products as they might be overpowering the natural look of your pixie cut.

10 Stunning Pixie Hairstyles for You

1. The Stunning Wet Look

Looks Good On – Women with square or diamond faces, as this hairstyle highlights their sharp features.

How To Do It

  • Dampen or wet your hair or apply hair cream or gel (opting for the latter will keep the texture intact for longer).
  • Then either make a simple parting on your preferable side or go for back brushing.

If you have a long pixie cut and you don’t want the bangs to fall on your forehead then this is a good idea, especially to get a formal appearance.

How to Style Long Pixie

2. The Effortlessly Messy Hairdo

Looks Good On – Women with a short and thin pixie cut, and those who have high cheekbones and a prominent chin. This hairdo creates a balance on the face by softening the extra sharpness.

How To Do It

Just comb your hair in any direction you want, but don’t make it too messy as you might have to deal with tangles afterward.

How to Style a Short Pixie Cut

3. The Bangs on the Front Fashion

Looks Good On – Women with a wide forehead and strong jawline, most common on square-shaped faces.

How To Do It

  • Create a side parting and keep the front bangs on the forehead.
  • Make some strokes with your finger for a neat yet casual look. This trick often creates a voluminous appearance of the hair.

If you have curly hair, then blow dry or straighten beforehand.

Pixie Cut Styles

4. The Twisted Pin-up Style

Looks Good On – Women with small foreheads and round faces.

How To Do It

  • Comb the hair and make several sections.
  • Take each section, twist and pin up. You can either make a certain pattern like making all the twist on one particular side or can do them randomly.

Try to match the color of your bobby pin with your hair. This can actually be a good idea if you are attending a wedding. Also, add some crystals or pins with some decorative trinkets on them.

Pixie Cut Styling Tips

5. The Bantu Knots

This is a typical protective hairstyle for Afro-American women. This is done with professional help only.

African American Pixie Cut Styles

6. The Faux Hawk Look

Looks Good On – Women with small round faces

How To Do It

  • Back brush and transform your hair into a Mohawk using mousse.
  • Rest of the hair will be in a side-swept pattern.

This particular style is effective to manage straight hair.

How to Style a Faux Hawk Pixie Cut

7. Change Parting

Looks Good On – Everybody

How To Do It

  • Comb through your usual parting and make it on the opposite side.
  • If you have thick hair then you may use some clips or bobby pins to secure rest of the hair.
Side Parting to Style Pixie Cut

8. Hairband on Pixie

Looks Good On – Everybody

How To Do It

  • Women having a wide forehead can keep assymetrical bangs on their forehead to conceal the width. Make sure the headband remains in the middle of your head instead of too much toward the front.
  • For a proportionate face with a small forehead, you can pull back the bangs with your headband. This way the forehead will be highlighted and give your face a compact frame
Hairband Style on Pixie

9. Bandana Style on Pixie

Looks Good On – Women with side swept bangs

How To Do It

  • Wrap the bandana from the back of your head.
  • Tie the two ends at the front, just in the middle of your head. You can move them towards either side.

You can also create a small puff on the front with the help of some bobby pins and then tie the bandana covering all those pins.

How to Style Your Pixie Hair

10. Twisted Bangs on Pixie

Looks Good On – Women with sharp facial features

How To Do It

  • Make small sections of your bangs and gently twist them with one another
  • After you complete a twist, take a few extra hairs from sides and then twist again to keep them tight.
  • At the end of the entire twist, secure it with clips
How to Style Your Pixie Cut with Twisted Bangs

Apart from these, curling the straight or ironing the curly hair are two basic things that can be done. All the above can be done within 5 to 10 minutes unless you go for anything too intricate like French or Dutch braids.

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