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How to be Photogenic

As the proverb goes “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, who could ever forget the great struggle that women go through for getting aptly photographed all the time? Where some of us are naturally blessed with a camera-friendly face, some need to work hard for it. But whichever be the way, always keep in mind that being photogenic has got nothing to do with your persona and beauty.

How to be Photogenic Images

Ways to Become More Photogenic

1. Know Your Features

One of the most significant and basic steps to becoming photogenic is to figure out which is your best facial feature, such as eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead. Also, find out from your previous photos from which angle you look best. Once you are sure about your camera friendly profile, do not forget to flaunt a perfect pose and go click click!! This is the best way to have photogenic pictures if you are not too fond of wearing makeup.

2. Present Yourself Wisely Before Camera to Look Photogenic

Be it a casual selfie, a groupfie or your wedding photographs, rock your look by keeping in mind the useful tricks listed below:

  • Placing your face – If your facial shape belongs to the oval or round category, then tilt your face horizontally while posing. For a long face, tilt it vertically, and for a slim face keep it straight towards the camera. In case of a double chin, face the camera to keep your chin slightly down and forward.
  • Tricks for cheeks – Master the art of the fish-gape look and make your chubby cheeks from your fat face disappear in a jiffy. Suck in the cheeks and part your lips little and get the impression of a chiseled cheek and jawline. For hollow cheeks, look directly at the camera while clicking the picture as it will give volume to your cheeks.
  • Smile away – If you are not secure about your teeth formation (bad or crooked teeth) or wear braces, you can still be photogenic without smiling by flaunting the trick known as the squinching. This method concentrates on the intense expression of eyes instead of a smile.
  • Pose with nose If you do not have a sharp nose then you should take pictures from slightly tilt angles.

3. Take Photogenic Pictures with Makeup and Style

The “perfect face” is a myth, so there is no doubt about the fact that we all have some features that we do not like to expose in front of the camera. But with some makeup tricks, concealing the problem zone is just some steps away.

  • Small eyes– Eyes give a different dimension to your face making it a special feature to look out for. If you possess small eyes, then you need to curl your lashes for a voluminous look and then apply mascara. Camouflage your small eyes with winged eyeliner drawn on the upper eyelid.
  • Big nose– Women with a big nose often find it difficult to make it appear thinner on camera. All you need to do is apply contouring on both sides of your T-zone, which will give the impression of a thinner nose.
  • Big forehead– If you want to conceal your big forehead while posing, then choose stylish haircuts with fringes or bangs.
  • Lips– A special tip for all the teenagers who love to pout! If your upper lips are thinner than the lower ones, then apply lip liner, lipstick, and gloss afterward for a fuller appearance and pose a perfect pout.

Tips for Looking photogenic Naturally

  • Irrespective of your skin tone, be it dark, wheatish or fair, always follow a certain beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing of your face to avoid oil formation in the skin as it may give you drab and dull look.
  • If you have a pear-shaped or plus size figure, try to avoid bodycon dresses as it may accentuate your problem zone.
  • Stay natural and confident, as there is no comparison of the natural beauty of a girl with artificiality. Do not appear before the camera with a nervous, clumsy or over conscious body language.
  • If you wear glasses, do not look at the camera flash, otherwise, it will hide your eyes due to the over-exposure of light reflecting on the glass.

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