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How to Apply Blush Properly

Besides highlighting, the blush also gives a softening effect to your facial features. So, this is not a cheekbones-exclusive product as you can use it anywhere on the face.

 How to Use Different Types of Blush

  • Powder Blush: The powdery texture of this blush gives a long-lasting translucent shiny effect when applied. Also used as a contouring agent this is the best option for oily and acne prone skin.
  • Cream Blush: The creaminess is more prominent than powder blush as the oil or moisturizing component makes it ideal for dry skin.
  • Tint Blush: This hard-to-fade and quick-drying blush is suitable for oily skin if it is used in moderation, or else it will look sticky.
  • Shimmer Blush:  Just like its name suggests, it adds a sparkling glow after the application. Often frequented as a highlighter and bronzer especially to the outer ‘V’ of eyes and forehead, this blush is a popular choice.
  • Gel Blush: This type of blush has a smoothening effect on your skin with an instant glow. Either use it on bare skin or foundation for the best result. Some gel blushes don’t come with oily ingredients so women with oily skin can use them.
  • Lipstick as a Blush: Rub your finger on the lipstick and then pat slowly and gently on your desired spots. Then blend it with a brush. However, moisturizing of your skin is required beforehand so that the lipstick settles well.

When it comes to choosing the color, always go for something natural. For pale or white complexion, peach or light pink is the ideal color and for dark complexion, mauve or nude blush is the best. The reason behind choosing such shades is that although you want to highlight certain parts of your face, you obviously don’t want to go over the top with the makeup and keep it natural.

How to Use Blush According to Your Face Shape

How to Apply Blush

Round Face

Try to instill an angular look by highlighting the lower part of your cheekbone. If you are using a brush then apply outwards of the cheek, if you do the opposite meaning brushing inwards (towards the nose) then the face will look rounder. The texture of the blush should be matte, as the shimmery one will reflect lights giving you the adverse result.

How to Apply Blush to a Round Face

Square Face

Having a square face means, strong and wide forehead and jawline. Blush the apple of the cheeks with an outer brushing method for a rounder appearance. But don’t extend the brushing up to your ear as it can widen the face, making the face appear more square.

How to Apply Blush to a Square Face Shape

Oval Face

The best of all facial shapes, an oval face can pull off all sorts of blushing except the one applied under the cheekbones as it can make the face appear longer.

Applying Blush on Oval Face

Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped face means a wide forehead that gradually gets slimmer towards the chin. To give it a roundness, apply blush from the temples or the end of the eyebrow zone to the cheeks in a semi-circular or ‘C’ motion. If required, for a proportionate look, just apply some on the middle of the forehead.

How to Apply Blush to Your Heart Shaped Face

Diamond Face

This type of face usually has a narrow forehead and chin along with wide cheekbones, so the focus will be to highlight the lower part of your face to the broad portion of your face. Apply blush on the top part of your cheekbones and extend that up to the bottom of your ear.

How to Apply Blush to Your Diamond Shaped Face

Blush is always the best way to add some tinges of beauty on your face. After figuring out your face shape you can makeup accordingly.

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