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How to do Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Dusky smokey eyes are real “talkers” in terms of their strong fashion sense. The statement makeup trick gets easier when you have different shades of brown as the base color. Here are a few tutorials, illustrated on the basis of their effects on diverse eye colors and skin tones.

Brown Smokey Eyes

4 Brown Smokey Eye Tutorials

Brown and Gold Smokey Eyes

  • Apply eye primer on your entire eyelids, starting from the lash and spreading towards your brow line
  • Use a brown eyeshadow pencil and smoothly color your lids, leaving the middle
  • Apply gold glitter eyeshadow on the middle part
  • Take a brush and smudge the two shades gently
  • You may wear thin and winged eyeliner afterward

The combination of brown and gold is similar to bronze, hence complementing fair, medium, wheatish and dark skin tones with hazel brown or black eyes.

Brown and Gold Smokey Eyes

Brown and Black Smokey Eyes

  • Apply eye primer all over your lids so that the eye makeup doesn’t smudge
  • Choose a light brown eyeshadow from your pallet and brush a little on the lids, starting from the crease to inner corner
  • Add layers by applying a darker shade of brown smoothly from lash lines towards the crease
  • Use black only on your crease and then brush the entire lid for an even yet transitional look

The double shades of brown produce an earthy tone which is simply perfect for brown and blue eyes. Women having any complexions may rely on this makeup.

Black and Brown Smokey Eye

Brown and Green Smokey Eyes

  • Evenly smudge eye primer on your lids
  • Apply the lightest of brown shade and color your brow line
  • Choose a darker brown shade and fill the eyelid except for the middle part
  • Apply dark green eyeshadow on the middle
  • Wear thick eyeliner and Kohl to complete the look

The combination of two apparently opposite shades creates a festive look on women having fair and dark complexions.

Green and Brown Smokey Eye

Brown and Pink Smokey Eyes

  • Use eye primer as your base
  • Select a soft pink shade and apply on the middle part of your eyelid
  • Now use an eyeshadow pencil in the natural brown shade and fill the crease area by outlining it (just like the picture)
  • Darken the crease and the upper side for a sharp contrast with the soft pink
  • On the lower part, use a white eye pencil for adding definition
  • Apply mascara for completing the makeup

You may follow the same process with orange or silver eyeshadows instead of pink.

Brown and Pink Smokey Eyes

Brown is a natural shade that you may lighten or darken when it comes to eye makeup. From corporate get-together to wedding purposes, you may choose to have smokey eye makeup either solely based on this brown shade or blending them with other shades.

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