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Pear Shaped Body Clothes: Ideas to Flaunt the Figure without a Hitch

A pear shaped figure draws attention because of its wide and voluminous lower body, in direct contrast to the narrow and petite upper region. To make such figures look proportionate and balanced, women should opt for dresses with detailed works on neckline, bodice, and sleeves, highlighting the upper body.

Pear Shaped Body Clothes

Dresses for a Pear Shaped Body

Fit and Flare Dresses- A-line dresses nicely conceal your broad thighs and hips with their flowy part while the well-fitted bodice accentuates your narrow shoulder and torso to create a visually balanced look. Boat, halter, and bardot necklines are recommended as they look graceful, especially if you are a petite pear shaped woman.

For summer prom parties or evening hangouts, wear short and cute wrap around dresses with a stone studded bodice while for wedding ensembles, be it for the bride or bridesmaids, choose fit and flare maxi dresses.

Dresses for Pear Shaped Body

Designer Tops and Shirts – Tops or shorts having horizontal prints, intricate embroideries, ruffles, layers, big collars, breast pockets with puffballs, wider sleeves, and cap sleeves fit the bill of adding volumes to your otherwise slimmer upper part. Cold-shoulder tops and the ones with turtleneck or peter pan collars create an illusion of a perfect figure. In winter, jackets with pockets and other enhancements will help you conceal your belly fats. Short V-neckline tops are recommended while plunging necklines and crop tops are best to avoid since your upper half is sadly not the best part of yours.

Clothes that Suit Pear Shaped Body

Structured Trousers– Bootcut jeans, flat fronted trousers or pants with wider ends make your slimmer legs look elongated and balance them with your wide hips and defined waist. Go for darker shades as they work best. Pencil thin pants or cigarette style trousers are not for you.

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

Flowy Skirts – Skirts that have a wider end camouflage those problem zones of yours while lending you a flattering appearance. Tuck in the tops if you have a decent waistline. Short pencil skirts are big no-nos while medium ones are suitable for you.

Best Clothes for Pear Shaped Body Type

Best Clothing Styles that Suit a Pear Shaped Body: A Few Fashion Mantras

  1. For your daily workout regime, wear a light colored top and team it up with a pair of flared pants. Make sure those pants do not have horizontal stripes as this can ruin your look.
  2. Concentrate on shopping tops or shirts that end below your hip bones, covering your waist and hips as you don’t want to make them even wider than they already are.
  3. Slender women can choose fitted tops while fat women should stay away from tight tops.
  4. For winter styling, bank upon layering styles with jackets, sweatshirts or hoodies. You may also choose flared coats to cover up your wider region. As for your upper body clothing, scarves, patterned tops are suitable.
  5. For a professional attire, never choose a short pencil skirt with a shirt. Instead, wear knee-length skirts.
  6. Complement your neckline and ears with chunky pieces of jewelry to shift attention from your mid zone.

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress”- this famous line of the iconic fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy ideally sums up the concept of how a woman should choose dresses according to her body. As far dressing up a pear-shaped body is concerned, making the slimmer part wider and vice versa is the only thing that you must adhere to.

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