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How to Pick the Perfect Necklace for All Necklines

Choosing neckpieces for your necklines should take into consideration two things, the neckline of your dress and the exact look you wish to pull off. Since the design regarding their length and style are plenty, you should know which style will complement you.

Necklaces for Necklines

10 Different Types of Neckline and the Ideal Necklace for Them

1. Sweetheart Neckline – This revealing neckline showcases your collarbone and more. So, you have opportunities to experiment with necklaces with such a neckline. Try out princess necklaces having curves and width to balance the plunging neckline. For a wedding gown with this neckline you may wear a diamond necklace or for a simple crop top, try statement necklaces with rhinestones or other adornments.

Necklace for Sweetheart Neckline

2. High Neckline – If you have a turtleneck top, then a choker or an opera necklace will be ideal to complement the neckline. You may wear bib or peter pan neckpieces as well. This will change, of course, while wearing a dress as it is better not to wear neckpieces. Rather opt for ear cuffs to accessorize yourself. While wearing a cowl neck top,  a thin chain and a pendant will do. It would completely be okay as well if you don’t even wear a necklace.

Necklace for High Neckline Dress

3. Square Neckline – This particular neckline is horizontally more revealing than vertically. Choose necklaces or chains with angular pendants to balance the angular neckline. Avoid wearing chunky neckpieces that will take away the essence of the dress.

Necklace for Square Neckline Dress

4. “V” Neckline – This plunging style calls for long chains with stranded layers or tie necklaces that you can adjust. If it’s a top then experiment with the material of the necklace, but if it is a dress then chose necklaces designed with either pearl or semi-precious stones.

What Necklace to Wear with v Neckline

5. Scoop or Round Neckline – Round necklaces like metallic collars go together with round or crew neckline. Anything less or more will look awkward. Although, for a maxi gown you may still go for pearl chokers. If it is a jewel neckline, (a little circular almost covering your collar), then go for a look without a neckpiece.

What Necklace to Wear with Round Neckline

6. Boat Neckline – This neckline covers your collarbones and a little bit more, so opt for long beaded necklaces that will highlight both your dress and the jewelry. Don’t go for chokers or collar necklaces as they will make your neckline appear unappealing.

Necklace for Boat Neckline

7. Strapless/Off Shoulder – The much-revealing dress will allow you to wear chokers and collar necklaces. Stick to a beaded or a multi-stranded statement collar neckpiece. Better to stay away from rope necklaces as they can make you look aged and not so fashionable at all.

What Necklace to Wear with Off Shoulder Outfit

8. Buttoned Down Collared Neckline – Since this style is exclusive to shirts, there is nothing much you can do to enhance it. A chain with a pendant or a big statement necklace may be worn over the shirt.

What Necklace to Wear with Shirts

9. Halter Neckline –  A chain and a sharp pendant complement the narrow neckline. The material of the necklace should depend on what types of outfits you are wearing. For example, a casual top will be good with a beaded collar necklace and a pendant while for a dress, you may opt for gold or platinum chains with diamond pendants.

Necklaces with Halter Necklines

10. Asymmetrical Neckline – Either balance with asymmetrical necklaces or layer with several long chains with or without pendants. Sometimes, you may have to improvise something for a better result and that may come from your existing neckpieces. Your dress might not even need a necklace.

Necklaces for Asymmetrical Neckline

However, it is not only your neckline, but your facial appearance also depends on this piece of jewelry. If you have a small face, you may transform its appearance into an elongated one by choosing a princess necklace. Check out which necklace complements your face shape.

  • Round Face – Wear rope, matinee, princess or opera and discard choker and collar neckpieces.
  • Heart Face – Princess, choker, and collar necklaces are good for this facial shape while rope, opera, and matinee styles are best to stay away from.
  • Oval Face – Lucky you! You can wear everything without a fuss.
  • Oblong Face – Try out princess, choker, and collar necklaces while avoiding opera, matinee and rope styles.

In spite of these facts, you must use your fashion sense to figure out which style is meant to be yours. Whether you want to appear as a boho belle or a sophisticated siren, a perfect necklace will always help you.

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